15 December 2010

Home (to little critters) Depot

We live in a neighborhood with an HOA and requirements for maintaining your yard.  Bryce's weed whipping, as he calls it, wasn't good enough after 3 years so he decided he'd give in and buy whatever the cheapest edger was at Home Depot.  The only cheap edger left was in a crunched box that had holes in and looked like it'd be kicked around and dropped a few times.  He asked if there was another of the same, in a better box, available.  There was not so Home Depot, thinking they were doing him a favor, gave him an extra 10% off for the condition of the box.  The man should have opened the box before bringing it home! 

Maybe he could've gotten a dead rodent discount. 

Bryce already though it was gross when he opened it up to find the handle covered in mouse droppings and almost couldn't handle it when he found the dead mouse at the bottom.  Needless to say he did some serious sanitizing before using the "new" edger.
Now, onto prettier and alive critters....

Look what we found hiding in the tree toppers at Home Depot.

Can anybody identify this lizard?  It even changed colors a little bit when Bryce took it off the bow...I guess he thought he could turn red. :)

Bryce is good at catching anything from lizards to frogs and even this for our nephew's birthday present. :)


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

That is seriously sick (the dead mouse, not the cute ANOLE-yes, that were Grant's immediate identification skills, not my own.

Tricia L said...

Oh my gosh, that is totally gross. Oh sick. You and Home Depot make me want to barf (and possibly the dead mouse too).

Bryce and Cecily said...

I knew Grant would be able to tell me what kind of reptile it was. :) Thanks!