11 November 2008

Smokin' Buns...well burgers in this case

I decided to do something better for dinner since I'm tired of the ol' rice and chicken or noodles and chicken dinner so we did Hamburgers tonight with all the fixins including bacon. I didn't have a tomato so the Ketchup made up for it. And we don't have a grill so I broiled them. The exciting part of the night was the smoke dector blaring in our house. They made the smoke detector go off so we had a couple doors open and fans on, and Bryce had a broom waving it around the smoke dector so it'd quit beeping. That was sort of comical - definitely moreso for me than for Bryce. Pretty exciting. I've never broiled anything so maybe next time there will be less smoke :) They tasted pretty decent though. They were moist and not dry and not too flat. We mixed garlic powder, salt, pepper, and one egg in with the meat. If you have any good burger recipes, hand them over!

02 November 2008

Watch out for those Boobees

Yes, I'm flyging and I'm a boo bee. My whole face is cut out b/c you can't have you face covered at Trunk-or-Treat. Bryce was supposed to my companion on this but got disapproving looks from someone when he was talking about it so he changed his mind - I didn't care so I still went as a boobee. Oh well. Bryce's costume was great - no one recognized him until he talked, or if I was standing next to him they figured it out. He told people, "I'm me in 10 years." Everyone expressed their concern for me and he reassured them that he had warned me before we were married so it's fair. :)

I had to add this one b/c I thought it was so funny how he was buckled in. As he opened the garage door and was walking around the car some kids from the neighborhood were walking by and started laughing. They stopped and waited at the end of our driveway for us to pull out so they could look at him some more. Probably just trying to figure out if it was real or not. :) I had some good laughs.