26 August 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Let's see who finds it first!

Now, I know you're probably asking, "Yeah, I see the hair, but did you still eat the yogurt?"

Heck yes!  But I had to refrain from licking the lid.

I actually thought about not eating the yogurt, but I wanted it and the hair was only on the lid. 
So, I took a picture in case I got sick for proof. 
I did not get sick and now I get to share it with you! 

This is all leading somewhere...at least I hope.

 piles of dust EVERYWHERE

 first coat of paint on
 Can't tell there was ever a mirror glued to this wall.

 Even Jama's not sure what do with the mess and the 'construction'

We're almost there - should finish tomorrow!  Excited for the revealing of the paint job. 
There's still the final touches to go like the toilet paper holder, light fixture, pictures getting hung.
Oh yeah, and a mirror. :)  What started all this mess in the first place!

Treat yourself

This is how Bryce and I treat ourselves.  It's healthy right?!  Look at all that natural peanut butter in there!


Say What?!

The lottery is now a necessity along with milk, eggs, and bread.

The sign is hard to read and I can't zoom.  But the message part says Milk Eggs Bread Keno (which is a new lottery game.) 

The commercials here in Georgia have a goat named Kevin who eats the lottery ticket and then farts fire.

Business or Personal: Solved

Well, partially solved.

Here's a glimpse of the office before and after.

19 August 2011

5 years down - eternity to go

(not so good phone picture)

The man buys me flowers (which in theory I'm kind of against but really kind of liked it when I got them) and tells me I can still buy a pair of shoes too. :) 

It's crazy when I think back on the 5 years - how many moves and transitions we've both made.  Glad we're together.  These 5 years have been good to us and I'm sure we'll find a way to enjoy the next 5.

13 August 2011

Business or Personal?

I've had my  office now for 6 months at work and I've wondered what to decorate it with.  It's bland, cream wall paper and some filing cabinets and desks and a computer.  I feel like I should be able to put something in there to make it a little prettier to look at.  After all I do sit in there for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  But at the same time I wasn't sure what to put in there.  My boss is a huge Red Sox fan and served in the military so he has neat memorabilia and sports clippings and pictures up. 

Me?  I don't have any real passions like that I guess and I don't really want personal pictures all over the place either.  My office is still public domain for visiting vendors and other office personnel. So, What options do I have?

I finally figured it out a little bit.  I been using existing holes in the wall to hang promotional flyers and notes to myself so when I was offered an old used and discolored bulletin board I accepted and thought, I'll cover it.

I had the batting at home and with a long perusing session at TJ Maxx I found a table runner (I was hoping to find a twin flat sheet) with a pattern I liked and some picture frames.  Nothing too crazy.  Hobby Lobby's ribbon was 50% off so I bought that and some decorative brads and covered the bulletin board.  I pushed all the staples in by hand so probably 40-50 of them.  It's nothing fancy and I figure out how to do the wrap job since the table runner was a little lot skinnier than the bulletin board.

The table runner was definitely the most expensive part of this, but not too bad still.

bulletin board   -   free
badding            -   free
table runner      -   $10
ribbon              -   $1.50
brads               -   $4 - set of 12 (not on sale)

Bad pictures from my phone because my camera battery died and I am too lazy haven't had a chance to charge it.

Next dilemma, what do I put in the picture frames?
I decided on pictures from the trip to Paris - mostly of buildings - not of people.  So, I printed them in a kind of tinted gray scale - not stark black and white, but not sepia tone.

More bad pictures.

(left to right) signs outside the Musee d'Orsay, Paris skyline with la tour Eiffel, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, and a hallway at chateau de Versailles.

I'm not anything close to a very good picture taker - see I don't even use the word photographer - but I think these are pretty ok.  Some of the ones I remember thinking looked good on my camera's display screen ended up not looking quite as good bigger or some were blurred.  LOTS of room for improvement;  I blame the camera for now. :)  But these will work.

I'm not one for the quotes, but I found this framed quote at TJ Maxx that I actually already tell myself it sometimes so I thought it appropriate for work and life in general.  I think one of the talks at General Conference when I was in YW used it and this quote is what I remember from it.

In distribution we try to do a Days Work in a Day so I thought it's not too much of a stretch to make that connection either.  This should cover me for now.  I really like the creams and soft grays, brown, and yellow in the material and the gray coordinates with the photos and the cream is in the quote background.  And it leaves me with room to add some more yellow for color. A little subdued, but still  not bland.  Personal, yet work appropriate? 

Wait 'til you see what fun Bryce and I got started today on a home project!

A little sparkle for your day

Say What?!

People will try and give you anything these days to get your order...including Jelly Beans. 

I think you'd have to be a die-hard jelly bean fan to go for that one.  I didn't look on Page 2, but I wonder how many Jelly Beans they give you...

Or how many people choose the jelly beans...

08 August 2011

Happy Monday

I spilled some water while I was trying to drink it and when I bent down to clean it up, I saw this perfect smiley face - it's winking.