26 May 2008

Surprise! It's a girl..

Bryce realized how much he really does want a cat and I called a few pet stores, read a few ads online and then dropped it. About 3 hrs later Bryce said, "So, did you find you a kitty?" So I looked again for cats in the Covington area instead of up by Atlanta. Hillbilly Pets. Yes, Hillbilly Pets is the name of the place (I can't say store b/c it was definitely not a store) where we found her with a few other kittens for free. The name is perfect for the place. It was gross. We feel like we saved her, it was so bad. So, now we have a kitty. She's been really good, fun to play with, skittish though b/c it's new. Bryce says she's awesome and talkative. She meows and makes cute little noises when you talk to her, like she's talking back. Pretty cute. We have just named her Jamba.

Bryce wants a cat but not the responsiblity

I went shopping this morning at Wal-Mart and out front there were a couple kids with some kittens they were trying to give away. I know how much Bryce likes his cats and they were pretty cute, so I called him to ask him if he wanted me to bring one home. Me: "Hey, there're some kids with kittens they're getting rid of....Should I look at bringin one home? They're pretty cute. Do you want a kitty?" Bryce: "(in a totally disinterested, unexcited voice) yeah? um, no." So, I did not bring home a kitty. When I get home... Bryce: "Where's the kitty?!" I told him I didn't bring him home a kitty since he didn't sound so interested in them, and if he was that interested in them we could go back and look. So, we ended up going back to Wal-Mart to see if they were still there 2 hrs later and they weren't. (It took us 2 hrs to go back because he was telling me I had to go by myself with out him and bring the cat back so it would be my cat and not his and I told him it had be a together thing.) Bryce told me that he didn't want to have it as his kitty because he doesn't want the responsibility of it, so if it claws stuff he could say "your stupid cat" because it would be mine since I brought it home. So, now I know if there are cute kittens, Bryce wants one but he won't tell me that. He also told me for future reference that he likes grey and black cats over calico or orange ones. :)  I'll be sure and keep that in mind.

Don't put small items on top of your dryer

We ripped the vinyl flooring in our laundry room Saturday. (Both front legs.) I say we because Bryce pushed before I'd lifted the front, so it was team work. Or really the lack of. :) This all happened because I dropped an AA rechargable Alkaline battery down the dryer's lint trap. We're still not really sure what the batteries were doing on the dryer, but that's irrelevant now. What happened, happened. So, Bryce got to take the back of the dryer off and undo tons of little screws to get to the battery, but we got it! There was also a loose screw down the vent. So, to make the best out of the situation we cleaned out some lint that had gathered in the back of the dryer while it was all open. Our dryer is so clean and lint free now! We also have a new rule: Don't put small items on top of the dryer. I recommend this one, especially if your lint trap is on top of your dryer instead of inside the door. Maybe we should just tile the laundry room...

18 May 2008

Pictures as Promised

Few, if any of these rooms are actually completed - most still need window treatments and/or things hung on the wall. I've got a bathroom and two rooms that need the ceiling sanded, primed, and painted to say the least. Then we'll get to the walls and molding. We're working out a weekend to borrow a LittleGiant ladder so we can paint our stairwell and finish it with stripes along with finishing the upstairs hallway. We're just taking it in strides
...drum roll, please... Kitchen bar open to TVroom
TV Room: new carpet, window treatments Our kitchen (there are more cabinets) The room in which we've dined 3 times now Closer look Unfurnished, uncompleted front room
with its random placements - they change frequently

New addition to the weight room to work my brain

A place of work and play

The much needed fan to help cool down the computer and its numerous components. You can tell I need to cut in on the ceiling around this one since the base is smaller than the previous light. We'll get to that :) This room is not often above 80 thanks to this wonderful fan.My computer cornerGuest Bedroom nicknamed the Hilton Inn

The unfinished master suite

I apologize for the ladder, but we were very excited to take the finished picture of the molding

17 May 2008

A New Beginning

Hello! Welcome to the official launching of this, our family blog. Our siblings are raising the bar with your blogs, so we are joining the blogging ranks. Maybe this will help us stay up to date on everyone and everything. We have no cute children to post pictures of (meaning that we have no children, period. Not that we have children and they're not cute. Our children will be adorabe!). We have very routine weeks, and we have little else to say. I hope I can find something to write; I hope you find something worth your time to read. Feedback is welcome. Please, no "Get a life" statements. :) We had the Wrights over for dinner tonight. They're a young couple from church - perhaps the only other couple in our age range without children. There's something in the water here... We haven't done much on the house since we last sent out mass emails of pictures earlier this year. I still have pictures to frame and hang, more curtains are needed, and lots of the painting is still in limbo. I will post some pictures just for fun (at the very least, it will add some visual interest to this post) and I pledge now to post pictures in the future of any updates or outings.