18 May 2008

Pictures as Promised

Few, if any of these rooms are actually completed - most still need window treatments and/or things hung on the wall. I've got a bathroom and two rooms that need the ceiling sanded, primed, and painted to say the least. Then we'll get to the walls and molding. We're working out a weekend to borrow a LittleGiant ladder so we can paint our stairwell and finish it with stripes along with finishing the upstairs hallway. We're just taking it in strides
...drum roll, please... Kitchen bar open to TVroom
TV Room: new carpet, window treatments Our kitchen (there are more cabinets) The room in which we've dined 3 times now Closer look Unfurnished, uncompleted front room
with its random placements - they change frequently

New addition to the weight room to work my brain

A place of work and play

The much needed fan to help cool down the computer and its numerous components. You can tell I need to cut in on the ceiling around this one since the base is smaller than the previous light. We'll get to that :) This room is not often above 80 thanks to this wonderful fan.My computer cornerGuest Bedroom nicknamed the Hilton Inn

The unfinished master suite

I apologize for the ladder, but we were very excited to take the finished picture of the molding


Jenifer said...

Great pictures! You are coming along on the house. I like your curtains in the dining room and the tv room looks really great from the kitchen and looking back into the kitchen. The moldings look really good. I can see why you'd be excited to take pictures of them. Your guest room turned out really nice. I like the name you gave it. :) We can't wait to see you for Scott's wedding!

Billy and Stephanie said...

your house i s beautiful holy crap!!!!.... thats so cool for you guys. I can't wait to start looking for one just as soon as billy can decided where he wants to live...he keeps thinking we are moving out of state...lol