26 May 2008

Don't put small items on top of your dryer

We ripped the vinyl flooring in our laundry room Saturday. (Both front legs.) I say we because Bryce pushed before I'd lifted the front, so it was team work. Or really the lack of. :) This all happened because I dropped an AA rechargable Alkaline battery down the dryer's lint trap. We're still not really sure what the batteries were doing on the dryer, but that's irrelevant now. What happened, happened. So, Bryce got to take the back of the dryer off and undo tons of little screws to get to the battery, but we got it! There was also a loose screw down the vent. So, to make the best out of the situation we cleaned out some lint that had gathered in the back of the dryer while it was all open. Our dryer is so clean and lint free now! We also have a new rule: Don't put small items on top of the dryer. I recommend this one, especially if your lint trap is on top of your dryer instead of inside the door. Maybe we should just tile the laundry room...

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