26 March 2012

I guess it's official

We're gonna have a baby.  We bought a crib and that brought reality crashing down.  Ok, not really.  But it was kind of trippy to be buying a crib. 

We took my car and packed it full of Ikea boxes (chair, footstool, crib, big rug, little rug, cushions for chair and footstool).
Go Juke!

I have a little under 2 months to get the room cleared out and the walls painted before my work force (Mom and Dad) arrives.  Should be no problem...

What you can't see is the BowFlex which is folded up on the left wall and there's a keyboard in front of where the big office chair is.  We also have a weight bench in our guest room that used to be in here.  There's a stereo set on the floor as well.  I guess we keep it so we can play all those sweet tapes we still have laying around..

03 March 2012


We're working on clearing out our closets and getting rid of things we didn't know we had.  I went to our HOA meeting today and came home to Bryce working away on his office closet.  The closet itself is not that big...

...so I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.  Bryce is a horder.  The box on the right on the closet shelf is filled with every bill Bryce has received since 1996.  Thank goodness most of our stuff is electronic now.
 Empty boxes - you never know when you'll need the box you bought your first CPU in, even when you don't have it anymore...
 Things waiting to be sorted through ...

The other part of his office with the cleared path to the closet.

When I expressed my surprise about what had fit so nicely into the closet Bryce's first reply was, "Well you know I'm a good packer.  It's pretty spectacular."

Anybody need a 10 year old keyboard?
Things Bryce found:
Car title from Dodge Avenger (first car he ever bought.  He sold it 13 years ago.)
Christmas cards and Happy Birthday cards from family from 10 years ago. And I quote "I didn't know I cared this much about my family." He's really is so sentimental :)
Some old drafts he did in AutoCad in high school
His Spanish book from college because that's handy for a programmer. 
Empty boxes for hard drives and other electronics he no longer has.

"Anything I think I may sell someday, I'm keeping the box for...."  Still a horder at heart.

 I had already started on another closet and made a mess...Here's a glimpse of that.  At least mine is empty boxes that we can throw away and then bags of things that can be given away...just have to get them out of the house.  That seems to be the hard part.