28 February 2009

"It's got Turbo - that's all I care about!"

The big news for this week comes with Bryce's birthday. Yes, he's over 30 now, that's not the big news. We got a new car! We're letting him think it's his birthday present. I don't want to talk about it too much, but I do think it was a decent deal (they're not giving away the nicer cars just yet) and it will be good for us to have a 4-door wagon. Yes, that's right. We went from a 2-door sports car to a 4-door wagon. Departing from the RSX type S was sad in its own ways. It's been a fun car to have and drive and treated us well. I guess we treated it well too. It's a 2002 and had 39,540 miles on it when we traded it in. Pretty impressive. It took him 5 years to hit 22,000 (can we say hermit?) and since moving to Georgia and most recently carpooling to Atlanta every day (100 mile round trip) we were well on our way to matching his 5 year efforts in 1 1/2 yrs. :)
Goodbye Batmobile.
So, onto the new wagon. It gives us 4 doors and makes it much eaiser for large adults to enter and exit the vehicle also giving more head and foot room. Plus, we hope to be needing it in the somewhat near future - this is not an announcement. Let's stay focused. :) I was ok with the car at the dealership but not super impressed - until it was my turn to drive it. I drove it around the parking lot after Bryce did the initial test driving on the road ways. I found a kind of long somewhat empty area of the dealer's parking lot and started through the gears. I put it in 2nd and gave it just a little gas and that's when I felt the power of the beast. So I pushed more. The sensation of just going and the smoothness of it all was very impressive, and I was only in 2nd! "This is beautiful - I want it!" That was Bryce's favorite quote of the night from me. My favorite quote from him is also rightfully the title of this post. As a side note, the carpool passengers did appreciate the space to and from work on Friday. Please enjoy the pictures.

Yes, I took this picture and that's Bryce driving it :) It's been raining and supposed to continue raining, so we'll get it out and take a pretty picture after the rain ends.

Bryce loves the auto windshield wipers, the lighting on the dash and the xenon HID head lights/LED tail lights..oh yeah, and the TURBO!

16 February 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I feel like my blog is pretty boring. It's ok though, I don't really expect people to get much entertainment value out of it, just updates in our repetitious life. I was unloading my camera and found another video of Jamba and also realized that I have not shared the newest purchase of ours - a little dinet set. Be entertained. Only the first 20 seconds is worth anything in this video and don't worry - we did disinfect the spout.

We found the table and chairs on pretty decent sale and the quality is much better than what we had been seeing so we snatched 'em while they were hot. I just realized that sentence kind of made it sound like we got them hot, like stolen or on the black market. Be assured, I do not shop those sales. :) Jamba also loved my tulips. In a matter of a few days the leaves were pretty much shredded and then eaten. Luckily, I was able to enjoy the flowers for a week before throwing them away. I will say that I knew before bringing the flowers home that the green foliage would not last long. Anything green and growing will be attacked by Jamba. She is a freak for some lettuce and spinach, grass, and now tulip leaves. Mmmmm. What a healthy cat!