15 February 2012

14 February 2012

Closet Haters

We added some shelves to our closet  My shoes are now displayed all in their glory and off the floor.  Bryce's suits, belts, and shoes are all together which he loves.  He also now has has many pairs of brown and black shoes lined up.

We forgot when we bought them that our attic access was there so we ended up buying a Dremel so he could cut the front lip off my shoe racks.  Bryce loves a good project where he gets a toy out of it.  :)

Salads: Speciality de Blauser

Bryce and I have been going on brisk walks and eating lots of spinach salads.  They're delicious.  We used up our fried chicken and have moved onto grilled chicken and swapped out the ranch for a delicious Italian dressing.  We cut up green peppers and add a sprinkling of cheese, some real bacon bits, and the occasional egg.  Here's one of the early prototypes.  The picture doesn't make it look as tasty.  This is an evolving dinner for us.  maybe we'll add nuts down the line.  What do you put in your salads?