19 December 2009

Deal of the Day

It's that time of year again. Sales are abounding and Bryce is ready for new clothes (he's ripped the sleeves on a few of his shirts). I usually sneak in a couple looks here and there and found, might I say, the Deal of the Day.
Place: Ann Taylor
Item: Yellow three-button coat
Where in store: on clearance of course - with an additional 40% off
Unexpected: one loose button
Sale sticker says 79.99. Take 40% off and I showed the cashier the loose button and received another 15% off. $43 after tax for my coat.
Big surprise: Original sale tag is for 199.99. Original retail is $268.00 That's about 85% off the original price of the coat. Not to be out done, I did find Bryce some mighty good deals as well. Bass had $60 pants for $23 (50% w/additional 20%) and they had shoes BUY 1 PAIR get 2 PAIRS FREE (or get 1 pair 50% off). We received $5 dollar coupon toward Van Heusen from Bass and used it to buy a belt for $8 - originally $45 or something crazy like that (60% off w/additional % I can't remember and our $5 coupon). He bought another very nice pair of pants there as well.

Speaker Swap*

Before wires use template (comes with speakers) to position holes use hammer to beat wall - find stud in wall then move template over and beat wall with hammer. Repeat as needed. Use saw to finalize circle hole.
Patch holes and paint speakers to match wall.
*I, Cecily, do not claim to have any real knowledge of this speaker swap. (I left once the hole making began.) Thus said, please address any questions which are not answered in this post to Bryce. I'm sure he would love to tell you all about it. :)

We have a couch for our front living room. Its high back and sides mimics the hemp chair we have in there. The couch on its own is a bit fancier than we are, but we'll be able to cozy it down. We're now working on finding the right art to go above the couch to fill the tall empty wall. I may venture and do my own...I have this vision. We'll see if I ever get my shot at it. Thanks olystudio.

Sleeping Puma, Hidden Thread

Poor Battle Puma. Jamba got in a fight with a long piece of string.She has learned that the string always wins. Long story short, Jamba found some really nice black thread that looked delicious (and must've been) so she ate a long piece. It ended up getting caught on the back of her tongue, down into her intestine and into her colon. Needless to say she didn't feel well at all and we took her to the vet after a couple vomit episodes. They did an exploratory surgery on her belly and this picture I caught while she was sleeping to show her part of her battle wounds. The shaved leg is especially sexy in the cat world. This was a month or so back so she is back to herself and doing well. Her hair is growing in nicely. :)

Way back to Hallooweeeeeeeeeeny.

For Halloween I treated my YW presidency to some goody shoes. I made a "witch" shoe (high heel of course) out of black card stock and cute printed paper for the lining then sewed on some buttons since I don't own a hot glue gun. :) Filled with nummies, wrapped and tied with a bow, the note says, "You're such a TREAT!" I found the pattern online probably at sugardoodle.net or something like that. Someone said they used it for dorothy slippers too. I'm sure you could do lots with it. If I find the link again I'll add it (here).