19 December 2009

Deal of the Day

It's that time of year again. Sales are abounding and Bryce is ready for new clothes (he's ripped the sleeves on a few of his shirts). I usually sneak in a couple looks here and there and found, might I say, the Deal of the Day.
Place: Ann Taylor
Item: Yellow three-button coat
Where in store: on clearance of course - with an additional 40% off
Unexpected: one loose button
Sale sticker says 79.99. Take 40% off and I showed the cashier the loose button and received another 15% off. $43 after tax for my coat.
Big surprise: Original sale tag is for 199.99. Original retail is $268.00 That's about 85% off the original price of the coat. Not to be out done, I did find Bryce some mighty good deals as well. Bass had $60 pants for $23 (50% w/additional 20%) and they had shoes BUY 1 PAIR get 2 PAIRS FREE (or get 1 pair 50% off). We received $5 dollar coupon toward Van Heusen from Bass and used it to buy a belt for $8 - originally $45 or something crazy like that (60% off w/additional % I can't remember and our $5 coupon). He bought another very nice pair of pants there as well.


Liz said...

Cute coat! Glad you were able to find something. Did you end up going to NYC?

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Sales that good are usually reserved for the tiny people of the world like you...that can wear a double 0!

Matt said...

Jenifer is so bitter over that coat. :)

Jenifer said...

Your coat is darling!! The deals you found are amazing. Way to go! That's the thrill of shopping summed up right there! I think you made money! :)

Anonymous said...

super cute and even better in person! Did you see Kerri Swifts shoes today? ADORABLE!!! and only $12 at Ross!! I wish I shopped more. I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!