18 September 2008

Go Blue Knight!

We're still high from the time traveling. :)
Happy 2 year anniversary (August 19th) to us!!! We took the opportunity to experience the Medieval Times first hand. It was actually pretty cool. You're assigned a crown color as you go in and that color is the knight you cheer for. Go Blue Knight! He lost. The whole place is very well done to take you back in time. The people dress and talk like the history books tell us they would've. Their bathrooms were neat too - I love it when places work bathrooms into their themes! They had a really neat falcon that did its flying tricks and then the food comes and the knights do jousting games and then as the story unravels they joust each other in a competition to the death. Intense. We were lucky enough to take Lindsey and Dylan, a niece and nephew, with us since they gave us a free child's meal/admission with each paid adult. Fun was had, time was traveled, memories were made. :) cue pictures...

I look elvin in this picture...it's pretty bad of both of us, but at least we weren't trying to look hot.

Dylan was into the show and his food! He ate most of it which is a good amount and even ate Lindsey's dessert. They start you out with a vegetable broth soup and garlic bread. Then they bring you half of a baked potato w/ seasonings on it, a full chicken and a rib on the side. You had your choice of pepsi, tea, or water. You situated your cup so you handle stuck out a certain way so they knew what drink to give you. Pretty smart. You eat with your hands. They did print the menu on a small napkin and brought around wet naps after all the courses. I mean this is 2008 people, not the 15th century.

Lindsey got tossed the flower from our knight. It had some title to go with it, but I can't remember.

As a side not you can pay a little more and get front row seat, a sweet plastic banner in the color of your knight to wave, and they will do a knighting ceremony with you before. They'll also announce your presence if you submit an anniversary, birthday, or some other event you want people to know about... I'm glad we went, I'm not sure we'd take the opportunity to go any other time. It was fun.

Jamba loves it when I go grocery shopping

When I am again reminded that food does not magically appear on empty shelves and after my survival insticts kick in, I am forced to return to a grocery store to go buy food for our cupboards, shelves and stomaches. I will bring home several plastic bags. Plastic makes a cool noise, and as an added bonus the wet ones (from refrigerated and frozen foods) stay on the floor in piles longer since they don't get folded and saved for later. This makes the perfect opportunity for Jamba to have some fun. She enjoys the sound plastic makes and she love to crawl inside of bags. She'll curl up in one and lay there, then attack you (like you couldn't see her in there) and then run inside another bag. She will also come tearing around the corner to pounce on a pile of unsuspecting bags. Occassionally, she'll get her head stuck in one of the handles so the bag makes a cape on her. Pretty awesome looking. Don't worry it's not choking her and she can easily get her head out. This is how she does it.
My camera's batteries died right before she came in and pounced on the pile of bags I assembled again for her at the end. She also demonstrates how she attacks. She MUST wiggle her hind quarters for a few seconds, pause, and wiggle some more. This is when you can be sure she is ready to pounce. :)

TWILIGHT is the best time for Vampires

I gave in! I walked by the books in Wal-Mart and there it was, $8, on the end of the aisle. It's actually a striking cover in large numbers. There's just so much peer pressure to read these books so I gave in. I actually liked it. Not so much for the feelings/romance aspect. This girl has a serious problem with her fascination with Edward. So, what!? He's a vampire. Big deal. Pfftt.

Anyway, I did enjoy it and I'm going to get the New Moon and continue on.

It's been a while since I really read a book and I am rediscovering how much I do enjoy reading. If you know of a good book, please let me know - it does not need to be a series necessarily. I actually prefer single books that stand alone b/c then I don't miss out on anything if I don't finish a series. IE Harry Potter- never made it through book 5.

Weekend retreat to Paradise

Our sweet 4-wheel drive all terrain vehichle! Not at all out of place in front a cabin the mountains.
The Blauser family had their first family reunion. Congratulations guys! It was complete with t-shirts and family pictures. We rented some pretty sweet cabins over the Labor Day weekend near Helen, GA. It's up and to the right...that's how I think of it. It's Northeast GA. Helen's is the same idea as Gatlinburg: old german town by the Smokey Mtns. Helen is red roofs and things though and I remember Gatlinburg being brown. We floated down the Chattahooche River which goes right through the town. I enjoyed it very much. Bryce took the opportunity to try to fish with Andy - nothing. We hiked Anna Ruby Falls which was nice, short, paved and goes up along a river. The waterfall itself is neat to look at so it's worth it. We didn't go backpacking or anything - we had kids in strollers here. Give us a break. :) And of course, we had camp fires every night, made smores, told stories, laughed, and Pierce threw a toad in the fire pit. Normal family stuff.
Ok, I guess I better clarify on that since Pierce is 4 and Bryce told him to do it :) The family motto is now "Don't listen to Bryce." Our next reunion shirts will have a crest of a flaming toad on it, with "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" underneath. Pierce likes to throw things in the fire. Leaves, twigs, rocks, food, dirt. Anything he can kick, pick up, or throw will end up in the fire. Mom says to not throw anything else in the fire - that's all he's been doing. Hey look, Pierce, a toad. Cool. He's holding it now and is going to show his mom this cool, really big, toad. As he's walking away Bryce says as a joke/comment, "Hey, just throw it in the fire." Uh oh Bryce, Pierce heard you! He turns on his heels and heads for the fire while everyone is yelling at Pierce, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Does he hear them. No. He makes it back to the fire before the toad can escape his hands and Pierce does a low two-handed toss. Luckily Pierce does not have good aim with Toads. It lands in the fire pit, but not in the actual flames of the fire. I'm sure it was very hot though. Bryce rescued the toad he's sentenced with his suggestion and put it safely in the woods.
The cabin was "really wooden." Pierce's perfect first statement as he walked in and headed upstairs. The counters were a nice granite, the fire place was rock the full length up and there was a hot tub on the wrap around porch. 3 bedroom, 3 bath. Pool table, flat screen TVs, yes 2 of them! and the master bathroom had a waterfall down the river rock wall by the jetted tub. The shower was neat, slate tile and river rock again. Paradise.