18 September 2008

Jamba loves it when I go grocery shopping

When I am again reminded that food does not magically appear on empty shelves and after my survival insticts kick in, I am forced to return to a grocery store to go buy food for our cupboards, shelves and stomaches. I will bring home several plastic bags. Plastic makes a cool noise, and as an added bonus the wet ones (from refrigerated and frozen foods) stay on the floor in piles longer since they don't get folded and saved for later. This makes the perfect opportunity for Jamba to have some fun. She enjoys the sound plastic makes and she love to crawl inside of bags. She'll curl up in one and lay there, then attack you (like you couldn't see her in there) and then run inside another bag. She will also come tearing around the corner to pounce on a pile of unsuspecting bags. Occassionally, she'll get her head stuck in one of the handles so the bag makes a cape on her. Pretty awesome looking. Don't worry it's not choking her and she can easily get her head out. This is how she does it.
My camera's batteries died right before she came in and pounced on the pile of bags I assembled again for her at the end. She also demonstrates how she attacks. She MUST wiggle her hind quarters for a few seconds, pause, and wiggle some more. This is when you can be sure she is ready to pounce. :)

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Unknown said...

OOoo I laughed about that one good. Cats are so fun to have around- they get so excited about the weirdest stuff.