27 January 2011

Seriously? Say What?

See anything out of place?
You drank 2 thirds of this coca-cola.  I'm glad to see it didn't take the whole bottle to quench your thirst.  Added Bonus:  Since you didn't drink it all you don't need to pay for it!

Dragon Fruit

Bryce buys these every once in a while from the Super H Mart by his work. Asian food and imported foreign things.  He told me he found the best way to eat it: cut it in quarters and then peel the skin back.  He says, "like a banana."  I think more like an orange. :)  Textures is kind of like a pear or kiwi - it has the little seed textures in it so I go more with the Kiwi.  If you get one that's sweet they're pretty good - but otherwise just kind of bland... 

But they look really cool!

One Reason Georgia Schools Lose their Accreditation

I posted previously about some Jo-ja spelling at the local dump.  Well of course, we found some more.  Here for your enjoyment...

This was discovered on the gas pump at the Big E-Z.

How many mistakes can you find?

This was in the cleaning closet where they thought if they labeled where everything goes than anyone could fit everything in there...It's always nice to know where the latters go.

Is it weird that spell check doesn't catch latters? 
 Is this a fancy spelling that I don't know and the joke's really on me?

Dear Burger King

Dear Burger King,

My lunch would've been ruined without today.  I didn't even have enough jam to cover half my slice of bread.  I would've gone hungry and been starving enough to sneak some Cheez-Itz from the girl at work when she's not looking.  :)  Without you I would've had a PB&J without the J.  There would've been no sweetness to tango with my rough, stick your mouth peanut butter and his sidekick wheat bread.  Where would I have been then?  Left with the two bites I could must of the Cinnamon Roll flavored yogurt, old wilting baby carrots, and my bag of Sun Chips. Without you there would've been no lunch.  I am forever grateful and will remember you in the future.  Are jam packets free?

Always in a Jam

I have to post this or I will appear ungrateful - which I'm not.  My lunch has now been saved twice by fast food jam.  Thank you McDonald's (the first shining knight in armor) and Burger King .

I love my Peanut Butter.  I enjoya good PB & J sandwich on occassion at work but what do you do when you forget your jam on the counter at home?  Or when you do remember it, but don't have as much as you thought in the bottom of your jar?  You hope someone bought themselves some delicious, fattening breakfast at MickiD's or Burger King and they leave the left over jams laying around - because you know they're never going to use the 10 packets they put in your bag for one biscuit sandwich.

12 January 2011

Shiny snow

Most roads are clear now.  After two days of businesses closed (I dusted and vacuumed the house, slid down a hill on the ice/snow, hung a curtain rod, read some stuff, got some church things organized and slept), both Bryce and I had delayed openings and reported to work at 9 for me and 10 for him.  We got above freezing today and the sun was out so the ice/scary spots I drove this morning were gone this afternoon.  The snow is kind of cool looking though because the ice layer on top is all shiny and pretty.  Here are the quick pictures I took in all of 10 seconds because it's cold out there with no coat on.

  Oh yeah, and here's a picture of me before going out into the cold.  I would post Bryce's but he asked me not too and I'm kind of with him on that - it was pretty awful.  He had a sweet 80's plaid jacket and a hat with ear flaps and his face was pricelss.

10 January 2011

Ice + BMW = Fire

Been watching the news and weather/road updates this morning due to the ice storm that moved through. (see this post.)  My favorite story of the day is the man in the orange hat who lost traction and spun his wheels so hard for so long he caught his 5 series BMW on fire.  The news man telling the story was awesome, both Bryce and I were chuckling from what he was saying.  And to top it off, while they're filming, a car drives by and its windows are still completely covered with snow - they didn't bother wiping anything off their car before driving. Smart. People in Georgia just don't know what to do with winter precipitation.  The audio starts in at the 2:30 point.

Oh What Do You Do in the Winter Time When You're Stuck at Home?

Hang curtains!  It's amazing what they do for a room.  I'm still looking for the right sheets for the 4 windows in our bedroom.

I mentioned a bamboo pole I had here.  This is the reveal.


Jamba likes the curtains too.

These curtains are a gorgeous off white silk.  I would call it candlelight.  My grandma had it in her shed full of fabric and sent it to my mom when we were designing my wedding dress.  It wasn't a true white so we couldn't use it for that but loved the fabric.  My mom made these curtains that hung in our really cool orange bedroom in Kentucky.  Our bedroom here has too many windows in it and I'm not spending that much money on matching silk panels so I've held on to them until this day.  I'm really excited to have them hanging again.  I still need to clear the weight bench out of the room and the mirror that I want to hang in the downstairs bathroom.  We talk about painting the walls, but I don't know what color.  I would like to put a little table or bench in there too.  But at least it looks better for now.

The support bracket hooks (I'm sure that's the technical term) are from Home Depot - free of rat poo and trash.  If you don't know what I'm referring to check out this post.  They're actually hooks for hanging towels or coats or whatever.  The bamboo came from right here in Georiga - some friends of ours cut it down out of their neighbor's backyard for me.  Pretty awesome! The stain (again from Home Depot) I bought for just a few dollars.  That's what I'm talkin' about.  :)

Ice Day

Check it out y'all.  1/4" of ice and a few inches of snow.  We watched it accumulate last night before we went to bed and woke up to this beautful sight this morning.  Georgia DOT says to stay off the roads until Tuesday afternoon if possible.  Some businesses are closed - including mine - so it's an Ice Day!

It's been sleeting this morning as well.  Perfectly round balls of ice. They look like the silica balls that are in the packets that you get in new shoes.

This is not snow, this is sleet falling.

04 January 2011

A Little Late

My Amaryllis (meant for Christmas) finally bloomed these last few days - in all its 4-flower glory.  I go in my dinning room just to look at them, "Look at my pretty flowers!" 

I'm glad they bloomed a little late.  After putting away the holiday decorations my house feels like it's missing that little bit of magic and these bright blooms are fun in my green dining room.