27 January 2011

Dear Burger King

Dear Burger King,

My lunch would've been ruined without today.  I didn't even have enough jam to cover half my slice of bread.  I would've gone hungry and been starving enough to sneak some Cheez-Itz from the girl at work when she's not looking.  :)  Without you I would've had a PB&J without the J.  There would've been no sweetness to tango with my rough, stick your mouth peanut butter and his sidekick wheat bread.  Where would I have been then?  Left with the two bites I could must of the Cinnamon Roll flavored yogurt, old wilting baby carrots, and my bag of Sun Chips. Without you there would've been no lunch.  I am forever grateful and will remember you in the future.  Are jam packets free?

Always in a Jam

I have to post this or I will appear ungrateful - which I'm not.  My lunch has now been saved twice by fast food jam.  Thank you McDonald's (the first shining knight in armor) and Burger King .

I love my Peanut Butter.  I enjoya good PB & J sandwich on occassion at work but what do you do when you forget your jam on the counter at home?  Or when you do remember it, but don't have as much as you thought in the bottom of your jar?  You hope someone bought themselves some delicious, fattening breakfast at MickiD's or Burger King and they leave the left over jams laying around - because you know they're never going to use the 10 packets they put in your bag for one biscuit sandwich.

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Michelle said...

You can have my cheez its anytime! You know where they are :) !