17 September 2010

How's my Driving?

You're used to seeing this bumper sticker posted on work vehichles and semi trucks.  I thought - how awesome would that be on your teen's car!?  Bryce probably thinks about how awesome that would be on my car!  Here's some driving related bumper stickers.

This guy has the right idea.

How's my driving?  Probably not very good - you're bumper's falling off.

fart jokes are usually a crowd pleaser.
I see a lot of this one around.
Simple statment of truth.  I like this one.
*photos courtesy of google

Southern Comfort

A lot can come to mind with this phrase.  The southern hospitality that's world renowned,  a bourbon, perhaps a city you've visited in the South, or the movie from 1981 (never seen it or heard of it but found it with Google), or port a pottie.

Yup, that's right.  Port-a-Jons, Port-o-Let, or Jimmy's Thunder as one brand calls them.  I saw one bright blue plastic portable toilet sitting at a construction side in the Mountains of Georgia labeled, "Southern Comfort."  That's a lie.  There're no good feelings that come with seeing one of those things, and certainly no high cholesterol, heart stopping, comfort foods either.  Here's a few portable toilet brands and pictures to make you have to drop the kids off at the pool or see a man about a horse or ...

I guess the embossed hand is anice touch.  maybe it's so you can find the handle to open it.
This is a classy name.
The afore mentioned Jimmy's Thunder.  It acutally folds down < 1" to make it portable.

Chelsea Handler and Chuy supporting Charmin
Just so we all understand how to sit on a toilet...
Kids need creative outlets more than ever - thanks Play-Doo!
I think we've all used something similiar to this before. :)
Dad said it's like a game: You take a deep breath and see how fast you can get out!  Good one Dad - thanks for passing on the little bits of wisdom.  Then you get one of these if you make it out alive:


This post is pointless as are much of my other ones.  We had a pretty sudden down pour and I had to run to Home Depot to get some nimeral spirits for the stain I used on a bamboo pole (you'll see it in a future post as a curtain rod) and got all over myself and the sink.  This makes me think I should do a post every once in a while about things I do that are dumb, realize are dumb and then go on and do them anyway...things that people say, "Only Cec would do that" or in Bryce's case, "...you wouldn't be PewperZ if you didn't do that."  I've got a long laundry list and I'm sure more will come.  Ok, so I'll save that for another post - we all know I'm dragging on the posting so I'll get my tally up for the month. :) 

Back to my pointless post:  While leaving Home Depot I looked around to check out the storm clouds and saw this.
My intiial thought was something was on fire and that was some serious smoke...

No.  it's a cloud.  Super long one that went across the interstate and dispersed into little fluffly clouds.  Crazy looking to me.
This is the other end of it from where I was at the stop light.  I didn't get a picture of the end.

15 September 2010

Who comes up with that?

When developers make neighborhoods they usually get to pick the street names.  I find this interesting as the neighborhoods by a lake nearby are all bird names and there are TONS of these little lake roads.  Some neighborhoods have all tree names and some are pretty (maybe even family) names.  Going to visit the family last Sunday we passed this beautiful road name and on the way back I had to stop and get a picture.  Only in Georgia.  Seriously. :)

Breathing Exercises

When you're thinking unkind thoughts, stressed, or need to clear your mind or relax:  do breathing exercises!  I find they do work.  Breath in for 4 counts and exhale for 6 counts so you focus a little more on the exhaling.  Do sets of 5 or more if neeeded.

Next time you come to this blog and you find I haven't updated just remember to breathe. :)

07 September 2010


I like creative people and people who go above and beyond the call of duty.  I like people who make me chuckle and say, "Is this for real?" out loud with a smile on my face.  Netflix has done this and I say thank you to their creative and extra mile going employees.  Think back in time and remember walking into the movie store and you generally had basic genres to choose between.  You choose between Action/Adventure, Anime/Animation, Comedy, Classics, Drama, Foreign, Special Interest, Independent, Horror...you get the idea.   Netflix has taken the art of categorizing to the next level.  I guess they want to make sure you fully understand just what type of Drama or Comedy you're going to find.  I went on to use the Instant Play on our TV and was confronted with these options: Understated Indpendent Dramas, Gritty Suspensful Action and Adventure, Visually Striking Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Goofy Comedies.  Which would you choose?  What movie would you list under these extra descriptive categories?