17 September 2010

Southern Comfort

A lot can come to mind with this phrase.  The southern hospitality that's world renowned,  a bourbon, perhaps a city you've visited in the South, or the movie from 1981 (never seen it or heard of it but found it with Google), or port a pottie.

Yup, that's right.  Port-a-Jons, Port-o-Let, or Jimmy's Thunder as one brand calls them.  I saw one bright blue plastic portable toilet sitting at a construction side in the Mountains of Georgia labeled, "Southern Comfort."  That's a lie.  There're no good feelings that come with seeing one of those things, and certainly no high cholesterol, heart stopping, comfort foods either.  Here's a few portable toilet brands and pictures to make you have to drop the kids off at the pool or see a man about a horse or ...

I guess the embossed hand is anice touch.  maybe it's so you can find the handle to open it.
This is a classy name.
The afore mentioned Jimmy's Thunder.  It acutally folds down < 1" to make it portable.

Chelsea Handler and Chuy supporting Charmin
Just so we all understand how to sit on a toilet...
Kids need creative outlets more than ever - thanks Play-Doo!
I think we've all used something similiar to this before. :)
Dad said it's like a game: You take a deep breath and see how fast you can get out!  Good one Dad - thanks for passing on the little bits of wisdom.  Then you get one of these if you make it out alive:

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Laura said...

In Seattle all the portables were called "Honey Pots" and I always got a kick out of that. BTW, did you get the invite I sent you to my blog?