24 March 2009


I just wanted to get the word out on a pretty sweet opportunity for free accessories for children. Dainty couture is going to do a give away on their blog every week until Easter and then probably once a month after that. This week they are giving away something for a girl (they just did it for a boy) so, go and enter if you have a girl or know someone who does. Tell your friends...who doesn't LOVE something for free?! http://thedaintycoutureco.blogspot.com/

19 March 2009

It does snow in GA, can you believe it?!

I will say this week and today in particular have been gorgeous and where we should be in temperatures for March. Sunny, nice breeze and in the lower 70's. GORGEOUS! However, one week went freakish on us. We had a week mostly full of rain, then sunny warm, high 70 degree on Friday, and Saturday, then Sunday it decides to sleet, then snow hugh flakes for hours on end. Some areas had almost 10 inches of snow and we had probably 4 down here. Sweet. Monday, we were priviledge to forge our way to work on snow, slushy roads, with some ice under from freezing left over rain puddles.

St. Patty's a wee bit late...

I'M KEEPING THE TRADITION ALIVE! I love the corned beef meal Mom ALWAYS fixed on St. Patrick's Day. Last year (also my first at preparing it all) I went all out with the cabbage in the colecannon and the extra cabbage on the side - will not go all out with the Irish soda bread *eek* - and ate 4 hours after getting home from work. This year, I simplified - plus, Bryce didn't like the colecannon b/c it had cabbage in it - and did the meat in a crock pot (definitely the way to go) and came home to only mashing potatoes. I also did the Irish cookies! Still really delicious and so much easier for only 2 people. i was excited to have corned beef sandwiches for lunch the next day or two, but we ate all the meat. All that's left is a bit of mashed potatoes. Thanks Mom for starting this awesome traditional meal! A belated Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!! (oh, as a side note, we did both remember to wear green and Bryce went all out with a green on green striped shirt. I'm so proud of him.)

Easter Give Away!!

For all you people with little men, this is for you!!! Go to this website with super cute hand made clothing/accessories for boys and girls. I believe the give away is for a tie. Super cute. EASTER GIVE AWAY BY DAINTY COUTURE!!!

I'll stand by you

One, I like this song, two it's neat how they took different street performers from around the world and compiled it together. "Stand By Me"