30 January 2009

I found it! The solution to my storage.

I received some canisters to store noodles, flour, ect in for our wedding but I never liked the style of them, and the lids weren't very tightly sealed so I decided to give them up and thought it really would be a good thing to have something to store flour, sugar, spaghetti, crackers, etc in that would keep them fresh longer than opened bags and boxes. So, I've been looking. I found some neat black miller's pots, isn't that what they're called...maybe that's the wrong word, with the clamp closures on them. I have since decided that I really didn't want them out on my counter so I don't need something so pretty. I discovered these awesome little storage containers. They look nice and will pack and stack nicely in my cupboard. I'm excited to buy them! They've got the neatest button closure too. Check it out in action here. I found them at Crate and Barrel, but it looks like Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well as Linens and things sell them too. They're by OXO.

25 January 2009

Fun with Jamba

Jamba always finds something to make us think once again that we are lucky we got her for our pet instead of another sad, homeless kitten. She loves to knock things off counters, cell phones, tupperware, papers...don't leave them on the counter. It's the same thing with the garbage disposal. If you put something in or near the sink she will put it down the garbage disposal, but only after playing with it. :) Here's an example with some ice I threw in the sink to melt there instead of on the floor. The good stuff's toward the middle when she gets fast. This will ususally go on for a while and then once the item is down the garbage disposal she sits at the edge of the sink and just stares. Literally for an hour or more, she will sit looking down the sink. She also tried to stow away to Utah with us, but I caught her trying to hide in Bryce's carry on. I apologize again for the crazy eyes...cats are not made for flash photography.

Scored a couple deals

I stopped into Ross and T.J. Maxx and bought some $80 Steve Madden shoes for $20 and some Rampage shoes for $8.49. that's right. $8.50. And you know they're super cute. I also bought a leopard scarf just for for some punch. I think I like scarves...
I also bought a cute navy jumper dress with satin at the hem and around the neck. It's belted and super cute. Of course I wore it to church today with my cute new black shoes!


I spent my birthday weekend in Utah with family and friends. Although the time management was bit off, I had fun and I'm pretty sure no one hates me. :) I got to spend time with some old roomies/friends, and saw my siblings and the one nephew. Isn't he lucky!? I spent Saturday afternoon with the friends in Sundance spotting Paris Hilton (she waved at us), Nick Cannon, Elijah Wood, Damien from Mean Girls, some people from TV shows that I don't remember their names. Oh, and Samantha Brown! I did recognize her. I'm not really good with the TV/celebrity things. If you go to Sundance take Ashley b/c she recognizes everyone and yells at them sometimes too... I finished off the day with Cafe Rio. Never a bad thing. :) Sunday I ate breakfast with Trisha and Scott in their cute little apartment. Thanks guys for letting me make it up to you! Thanks to the family for all the accommodations and for still loving me at the end of the day. Here are pictures I stole b/c I didn't take any on my camera. Photo credits to Holly and Ashley. The shuttle we took was a long and very crowded ride. We got to know a few strangers pretty well.
This is Alia Shawkat. Ashley knows her from a TV show, again, I don't know these people.

15 January 2009


No, I'm not sixteen. Close. Turning 22 on Sunday! But that's not what this is about. You've seen the posts where you tag someone to answer questions about themselves and they in return tag more people to answer the questions. I've been successful in those questions: lipstick or lip gloss?, what color hair do you have? chocolate or vanilla?, favorite Christmas memory? All pretty basic to answer. I saw this self-revealing chain blog and thought I'd join in. So, tag, you're it! If you haven't done it -- or need something to update your blog with because certain people won't get off your back since you haven't posted anything new on your blog in the last week -- this is for you! Ashley, whose blog I stole this post from, always has quick answers for those self-defining questions. I definitely consider her a strong individual. Plus, I like reading her answers to such questions. I am now attempting to pick sixteen things about myself. Here's to self realization. :) this will most likely be an on going list and all 16 will not be done in one sitting. STATE SIXTEEN RANDOM FACTS, GOALS, HABITS, ETC. ABOUT YOURSELF. 1. I'm a people pleaser, but I'm working at being more decisive for myself. 2. I can sit in traffic and be perfectly content. 3. I've been looking for the perfect pair of purple pumps for about 5 years.(there are not a lot to choose from but I have hope since purple is trendy again) 4. I will break out in random dance in public. 5. You don't want me backing you up in a verbal fight - my vocabulary has never been good and I have no good comebacks. I will only assist you in looking stupid. 6. I am immune to sub zero temperatures outside of Sam's Club if it means helping a friend.- that's for you Molly. 7. I am awful at time management -even worse if it means doing activities with other people...if I am by myself doing things I am so much better. 8. I love my lists - what needs to be done before a particular date, what I have accomplished, what I need to pack, what my priorities are when I get home...you name it, I probably make some sort of list for it. 9. If bored I will clean and reorganize closets, clothes, drawers, shelves...I will do it all day. 10. I've always wanted to have a passport -(now that I do, I want to fill my passport with as many stamps as possible!) I LOVE to go places and do things! 11. I am a fingernail biter and cheek biter. I have gotten better about it over the years. I used to bite my (WARNING: do not proceed to read the next word if you have a weak stomach and visual mind) toenails. 12. As much as I love to make outfits and dress up for the public, I am not afraid to look absolutely disgusting and be in public. 13. I love me some peanut butter - I eat it all the time and on anything/everything! 14. I want my children to have brown hair - with the Blauser blue eyes. 15. I am horribly cranky when I'm tired - ask the hubby - this week's been bad... 16. I want to get better at making dinners every night and having more variety. One step at a time.

01 January 2009


FREE POSTERS. Based off depression posters. There are 5. (click the title)

Neat idea.

I like the comment from the lady saying she actually encased the magazines and topped them off. Easier to dust I'm sure...and would look extra cool. Don't know where you'd find some glass/plastic vase thing that big. Enjoy. (again, click the title)