13 March 2010

Baby Season

No, this is not an announcement. :) We have several women in our ward expecting this month and in the next few coming. We had a baby shower today for two of these women - both are having girls. One, I visit teach. She's close to my age and it is their first child. The other sweet woman is having their 4th but had given their baby stuff away since their youngest is now 2. I did games and decorations - that seems to be my assignment each time. I found this idea and tutorial a while back and kept it for such an occassion as this. I used bigger flowers but think it turned out super cute. It was swagged above the table of gifts. Originally we were going to swag it a couple times in the middle of the room so we made the string pretty long - maybe 15 or so feet and the flowers would be further apart. We ended up just hanging it from the two air vents and it worked out great.
One game we played was Pin the Pacifier on the Baby. The baby was posted on the wall and the pacifiers were cute little pink ones. All-in-all, it was good. I just wanted to show my cute garland off. (Thanks DeLynne for helping me make the flowers.) Also, DeLynne did a great baby gift as a flower box She has lotions, and cucumber-melon baby wipes, a cute color coordinating outfit, (coordinating of course) hair bow, and some wash cloths...super cute. I'm going to throw it out there that I did the little card on the front. :) The one's last name is Wright so W and on the back it says, "What whirl...it's a girl!" and the other's last name is Seagraves so S and on the back it says, "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice..." Hold your applause. :)

07 March 2010

"So give me wuch ya promised..." Dancing with Tyce Diorio

There are perks to living in Atlanta I guess. One of them would be Dance 101 a really cool dance studio a friend of mine and I discovered and enjoy going to occassionally. Another perk connected to this is Emmy winner Tyce Diorio. He is really cool and fun and a great dancer/choreographer. I feel priviledged to have gotten this opportunity. And to prove that I did it here are some pictures. The girl in the second picture you may recognize as Mollee from So You Think You Dance season six. There was another guy from season 4, but I didn't watch back the and he was pretty cocky so I didn't care much....rude? sorry. We did a broadway jazz number, but it wasn't all jazz hands and stuff. Pretty fun choreography. I have a video of the dance if I can figure out a better way than uploading straight to here... I'm so impatient with uploading. The song is "I gotcha" from Fosse. **CORRECTION: here it is on YouTube from someone else...I'm in the back, off to the side (waiting my turn) standing up on the bench recording with my camera. :)
It was pretty awesome and only $40 for 2 hours. Oh, by they way, he told me in front of everyone that I have great feet...only to say my arms could be stronger. :) anything you say Tyce. "Where's the redhead with good feet?" "Your feet are great, but if you don't have strong arms to go with the feet then the feet don't get the credit..." I was by no means anywhere close to being one of the best dancers and I realize I will never be that good but I enjoy it and I'll take a compliment and critique from Tyce Diorio any day. :)

Be a Winner - Not a Loser

We get invites to churches pretty often in our mailboxes or on our door with flyers. This one came and we found it particualrly interesting. On a side note, we have someone who just moved from Northern California and they commented about all the choices you have in churches down here - including the drive through churches. Only in the South. :)

It's all Greek to me

Bryce and I visited Athens, Greece for 2 days over the Valentine's Day and Presidents Day weekend. We flew out Friday afternoon, landing Saturday morning and flew back Monday morning, landing Monday afternoon.
The pictures you can link to (it's been updated and there're lots more along with comments) by clicking here: Awesome Greece Pictures!
A few videos we put on YouTube:
Guard Dance 2 of 5 and Guard Dance 3 of 5....the whole thing takes about 10 minutes. The two videos are 2 minutes. Just a taste. :) They start under the awning (sp?) and end up back at the same awning. then two guards in army uniforms checks them and make sure the two guards are in order and that their tassles are straight. :)
You can catch this sweet ride through town...
You can see some of the left over partying in the square. Live band. dancing donkey toys, and little girl in an outfit. :)
A 360 of some of the Acropolis grounds. The theatre you see - according to the plaque - went up the wall. I'm sure it was something to see.