07 March 2010

It's all Greek to me

Bryce and I visited Athens, Greece for 2 days over the Valentine's Day and Presidents Day weekend. We flew out Friday afternoon, landing Saturday morning and flew back Monday morning, landing Monday afternoon.
The pictures you can link to (it's been updated and there're lots more along with comments) by clicking here: Awesome Greece Pictures!
A few videos we put on YouTube:
Guard Dance 2 of 5 and Guard Dance 3 of 5....the whole thing takes about 10 minutes. The two videos are 2 minutes. Just a taste. :) They start under the awning (sp?) and end up back at the same awning. then two guards in army uniforms checks them and make sure the two guards are in order and that their tassles are straight. :)
You can catch this sweet ride through town...
You can see some of the left over partying in the square. Live band. dancing donkey toys, and little girl in an outfit. :)
A 360 of some of the Acropolis grounds. The theatre you see - according to the plaque - went up the wall. I'm sure it was something to see.

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