13 June 2008

Storms of '08-Double Rainbow

We've been having crazy winds and tornado producing storms in the Metro Atalnta area and I ran across some pictures I took earlier in the spring. This was the double rainbow after we had some tornado warnings and hail. I know it's hard to see in the picture, but both were very clear and distinct with human eyes. What was even more neat was that we could see the complete arch from our back yard. It looked like it went from one end of the neighboorhood to the other. Really cool. I did attempt to take a picture of the full double arch but none of them are very visible, so I'm not posting them. I will post pictures of the hail as it was coming down. I only got one picture before Bryce made me come back inside...at least he loves me more than pictures.

Listing my accomplishment

This past Saturday I decided I was going to conquer the popcorn ceiling in the last two bedrooms and the last bathroom. And I did it. The ceilings are not dated anymore and the dirty and very dusty part of decorating the house is finished forever. Forever. What a great feeling. :) I do still need to prime and paint the ceilings, but I'd much rather paint than sand. Who's with me?!

I treated myself

We hung something on the wall!!! My mom gave these sketches (if you enlarge the picture you may be able to actually see them) to Bryce and I when we were first married and attempting to decorate Bryce's cute little house. I used really cheap diploma/document frames and during the move I ended up breaking a couple of the frames. I finally got them reframed and did some nice matting with them. I really like them. I saw the wall of colors to choose from and couldn't decide which to mat them with. Bryce picked these two colors out in the first minute. I had no idea what to do, so I trusted him and I think they came out great! Thank you Bryce. Tammy found these sketches at some yard sales. They're pencil sketches mostly of landscapes from pacific islands where my grandpa was during World War II. I think they're just kinda neat. I love them now that they're matted. I like them so much I think I'll post a couple more pictures.