04 June 2011

Short wish list

It's a good thing I do have some self control and realize that clothes and shoes are not the only things that make me happy...there are bags and accessoreis too.  :)

But they do make me smile!
P.S. Mom, I have some sewing projects for you...

(to keep things simple all clothing pictures are from Newport News and the interior pictures are from a Benjamin Moore paint blog, Living in Color)

Aldo distracted for an hour this morning while Bryce messed with our speakers and sub.

I just realized I titled this 'short wish list.'  It might've started out that way...

Modern-Day Mystery Machine

This guy has to work at Home Depot -that's where we always see it.

Had to share!

Take it all in...engine vent, spoiler, rims...

Saturday Mornings

Saturday morning when we sleep in as long as we want and then eat a tasty breakfast - are my favorite.  It's quite the occasion because I actually cook.

I wish I'd taken some good pictures but Bryce was mocking as usual so I quit and this is what I was left with that wasn't blurry or crooked. :)

I made Bryce some delicious (and beautiful) scrambled eggs with green chilies and wrapped with slices of bacon inside the tomato and basil tortilla.  He said very confidently that it was "really good."

I made myself some French Toast - with a twist.  I used Cinnamon Raisin bread.  Yeah, now you're jealous.

MMmm mm.