13 April 2009

Your Birthday Present is in the trunk

Dylan had his brithday! so we decided to go crash it, say hello, and give him a little celebratory present. As we started into their neighborhood we spotted a snapping turtle crossing the road. I stopped to avoid hitting it and Bryce decided it would be great to pick it up and take it with us to the party. What turtle doesn't enjoy a cupcake once in a while?! So, we picked him up. I apparently really stink at taking videos on my camera, because I had Dylan jumping around the car yelling about how big the turtle was an being excited about the fact that there was a snapping turtle in my car's trunk...his friends enjoyed it as well...You can see Dylan next to the turtle at the start of one video and then you can hear kids (while watching a very sickening, motion sickness inducing picture) telling each other to put their head by the turtle's mouth and to poke it.Also, for those of you who don't know how to catch a snapping turtle, we have included a video of Bryce demonstrating this without spilling one drop of his soda. :)

We finally got our Christmas present

Thanks Mom and Dad L. and Mom and Dad H. for bringing it down. Great team work! This lawn furniture made it's long trip from Bowling Green, KY to Covington, GA in only 4 or 5 months. We are using it and enjoying it. Thanks!!

Food For Thought

I cooked salmon and topped it with soy sauce and pineapple...that's what the stuff is that looks like baby food :) It was pretty good. I also made Taryn's crescent roll receipe. Extra goodness.