13 April 2009

Your Birthday Present is in the trunk

Dylan had his brithday! so we decided to go crash it, say hello, and give him a little celebratory present. As we started into their neighborhood we spotted a snapping turtle crossing the road. I stopped to avoid hitting it and Bryce decided it would be great to pick it up and take it with us to the party. What turtle doesn't enjoy a cupcake once in a while?! So, we picked him up. I apparently really stink at taking videos on my camera, because I had Dylan jumping around the car yelling about how big the turtle was an being excited about the fact that there was a snapping turtle in my car's trunk...his friends enjoyed it as well...You can see Dylan next to the turtle at the start of one video and then you can hear kids (while watching a very sickening, motion sickness inducing picture) telling each other to put their head by the turtle's mouth and to poke it. videoAlso, for those of you who don't know how to catch a snapping turtle, we have included a video of Bryce demonstrating this without spilling one drop of his soda. :)


ljm said...

This was seriously the highlight of the party - even more fun than going to the basement during the tornado warning!

You guys are the BEST!!

Mrs. Horton said...

Hey Cecily! Our wedding is actually on May 2...so just a tad sooner than Labor Day. Send your address to emilyrdix@gmail.com and I'll send you an invite :)

Jenifer said...

You are the best uncle and aunt ever! Very impressive that no soda was spilled in the catching or filming of the turtle. :)

Jensen Fam said...

That is pretty funny! And does he have any idea what a snapping turtle can do to his fingers? Must be a true boy scout, attempting to rescue the guy, one handed. :)

Miss you guys!!!

flamedstang said...

Good work Bryce. New respect for you. Reminds me of the huge one that we caught and had to bring home from the pond in the trailer behind the 4-wheeler. Snapping turtles always make for good time and to give any party that extra little bump it needs to be truly awesome.