03 July 2009

Molly's Engaged!!!!

'bout time. My friend from high School is engaged and I'm so excited about it. I was able to be in our home town for another friend's wedding and was priviledged to be with her, a couple other brides maids, and her future mother-in-law, when she found THE DRESS and we got our brides maid dresses. I will have a jacket or added top to the dress. Any ideas, let me know.
Congratulations Molly!!


Liz said...

That is one of the cutest bride's maids dresses I've seen. I think a jacket would look better than trying to add sleeves. Or you know, the whole g's hanging out look is really in right now ;)

Molly said...

Shut up!!! I have a blog about me??? I am speechless! =)