03 July 2009


You know I went to Boston, so here're the pictures from it. My super awesome sister invited me out for a weekend while she was there for work. I flew in Friday fresh from rappelling for half a day with the YW, then spent all day Saturday with Jen and flew out Sunday morning at 5 something to get back home in time for my lesson in YW's. That's what I'm talking about! I had the free hotel room because of her and she had the car so we drove to the train station and rode the T (commuter train) into the city and walked. Then took the T back out. We drove through the "big dig" from the airport tot he hotel. We walked and walked and walked all over the city. We should've had a pedometer on us. We had a canoli on hanover, saw parts of the rivers/harbors, and ate in their Little Italy, saw some super cute neighborhoods (streets of buildings) and the really neat old streets and historic landmarks were mixed in. We started out following the Freedom Trail and took in some shopping on the side at DSW, Aldo, and H&M. We found some really neat streets and one was all shopping and dinning. Too bad we found that one at the end of the day when our feet were tired. I really liked the Swan pond in the public gardens. There were a couple of weddings in the park while we were there. Enjoy the pictures.
Breakfast was the best! Panera bread was the best way we could've
started our day off.
Orange juice with bac
on, egg, cheese sandwich and a s
ausage, potato thing. super nummy.
Start of the Freedom Trail in Boston Commons. There were some mighty fine mounties there so we snaped their photo.
In the nice pretty park. They had swan boats you could ride on.
I AM George Washington...
Can you find my head? These flowers were so tall and neat looking - like out of a Dr. Seus book.
There really was a General and he rode a horse and his last name was Hooker.
This was a neat cemetary with lots of old tombstones: John Phillips, First mayor of city of Boston, 1822; Samuel Adams, 1722-1803 and the remains of the vicitms of the Boston Masacre, 1770.
A cool building, a neat church in the middle of newer buildings, and where I would live...
I was trying to be like Napoleon Dynamite on his wild stallion - not quite right....Jen's just cute.
Lunch time! It was sooo good. And huge portions. We shared.
It was really good.
One side of the city on the water.
Canoli on Hanover St. Mike's Bakery: you know this place is good - it had a crazy line.
We love the roof top gardens. The church used to signal Paul Reveere and a statue of Paul Reveere...one if by land, two if by sea. This is across the street from the harbor pictures above.
Water on the other side of the city. There was a nice park as well.
Another cool building in the middle of the more modern.
Down the center of the street. Nice walk way leading you to shopping. :)
Commonwealth Ave I believe it was.
The shopping. Super cute - Newberry St.


Jenifer said...

What a day in Boston! By the pictures you'd think we were there for a few days. :) Where's our next adventure going to take us? Let's get planning!

Judy Huntzinger said...

sounds like you sisters are having a great time. Wonderful pictures of Boston....