13 February 2011

Say What?

Seedless Watermelon - May contain seeds.  Say What?

Did you get your hair cut?

No.  I just straightened it and chopped my bangs. :)

My hair dryer (from high school) died on me a couple weeks ago so I've been taking showers at night and putting my wild mane of hair up or trying to work with the curls.  Bryce decided I should have a hair dryer - not because my hair wasn't cute - but because I was so upset when it broke.  We bought one yesterday and it is my favorite thing for now. It's lighter, it's ionic and it's ceramic and it dries faster, and makes my hair soft and beautiful.  Thank you Revlon.

I was so inspired by the hair dryer that I decided I'd go sleek today with straight hair (again, something I haven't done for weeks) and decided on top of that, that I would chop my bangs again.  My sister cut in some bangs last November, I trimmed them once and then let them grow out.  I think I'll keep them for a while again. I love the drama from them and they make me feel sassy.  :)

I feel like it's hard to get a picture where I look like I do in real life.  Maybe I just have a false sense of what I look like and I think I'm hot and what I see in pictures is really what everyone else sees - some girl that's cute, but looks kinda like a little kid...  anyway, here's some pictures.

05 February 2011


Anybody want to me make me some of these?

I think I have everything but the beads for it already, but after today I just don't feel like it.

This embarrasment was totally worth it.

I alway take pictures with my phone to remember things or keep inspiration nearby.

While at Super Target we wandered by their art and there were some really neat line drawings but they were on laquered wood (painted black) so it appeared framed, but it wasn't.  I really liked the drawings but would have HAD to have them if they were prints and in real frames.  So, what do I do? 

I embarrassed Bryce by pulling out the phone and flipping the picture to the back to capture the artist information.  This time, the embarrassment was totally worth it Bryce. 
I've added these to my wish list:

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

I also saved these for future inspiration:

I don't want this for my wall.  I always thought it would be neat to do a kid's room with telephone wires and poles shilouette style and have birds sitting on the wires.  This is kind of what I'm talking about.

I want to do an ink line drawing of a girl, but I haven't figured out what she'll be doing.  I want to put it with line drawings I already have from Matisse and Picaso.
this i have

this is really similar to the Matisse one I have.

Truett's Diner/Chick-fil-A

We partied in McDonough today - threw a football for15% off at Home Depot, had to stop at Best Buy and hit the Super Target for curtains and also came home with Dr. Pepper (on an incredible sale) and this console for our sitting room.

For lunch before heading home we spotted this and figured we check it out. 

I think it's so neat and wanted to share it with everyone.  Inside there's a trolly that runs around the top of the room and there are pictures from different cities in the US and there's a Market Street trolly car that you can eat in too. 

I embarrased Bryce by taking these so I have to post them now...they're not even good pictures.  And don't really show the cool aspect of it all. 

Sorry for the embarrassment, Bryce.  It was so not worth it.

Parisian Cafe

The sketches are in Bryce's office

We had some prints from our trip to Paris framed and I had to hang them up. 

I decided now was the time to do some curtains in the kitchen, so I went through some fabric from my sewing queen grandma and found this fun yellow stripe material -which is the same except for color - as the valance in the adjacent TV room.



I sewed them this afternoon and Bryce helped me hang them.  I'm glad they're up and done.  Now I just need to decide what to do for the length ofthe curtains...or do an actual cafe curtain across the window... You tell me.