05 February 2011

This embarrasment was totally worth it.

I alway take pictures with my phone to remember things or keep inspiration nearby.

While at Super Target we wandered by their art and there were some really neat line drawings but they were on laquered wood (painted black) so it appeared framed, but it wasn't.  I really liked the drawings but would have HAD to have them if they were prints and in real frames.  So, what do I do? 

I embarrassed Bryce by pulling out the phone and flipping the picture to the back to capture the artist information.  This time, the embarrassment was totally worth it Bryce. 
I've added these to my wish list:

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

Allposters.com  by Avery Tillmon

I also saved these for future inspiration:

I don't want this for my wall.  I always thought it would be neat to do a kid's room with telephone wires and poles shilouette style and have birds sitting on the wires.  This is kind of what I'm talking about.

I want to do an ink line drawing of a girl, but I haven't figured out what she'll be doing.  I want to put it with line drawings I already have from Matisse and Picaso.
this i have

this is really similar to the Matisse one I have.


Fowl Ideas said...

The girl in the clothing store ad really needs some food.

All Hail the Chicken!!

Jenifer said...

Let's hear it for cellphone cameras! Those are great ideas! All of them! Can't wait to see how they come to be. :)

Charlotte said...

Have you ever seen Tyler's painting series of birds on telephone wires? He was kind of obsessed for a while. Funny- before I saw them, I NEVER would have thought there was anything interesting/artistic about that all all =)