13 February 2011

Did you get your hair cut?

No.  I just straightened it and chopped my bangs. :)

My hair dryer (from high school) died on me a couple weeks ago so I've been taking showers at night and putting my wild mane of hair up or trying to work with the curls.  Bryce decided I should have a hair dryer - not because my hair wasn't cute - but because I was so upset when it broke.  We bought one yesterday and it is my favorite thing for now. It's lighter, it's ionic and it's ceramic and it dries faster, and makes my hair soft and beautiful.  Thank you Revlon.

I was so inspired by the hair dryer that I decided I'd go sleek today with straight hair (again, something I haven't done for weeks) and decided on top of that, that I would chop my bangs again.  My sister cut in some bangs last November, I trimmed them once and then let them grow out.  I think I'll keep them for a while again. I love the drama from them and they make me feel sassy.  :)

I feel like it's hard to get a picture where I look like I do in real life.  Maybe I just have a false sense of what I look like and I think I'm hot and what I see in pictures is really what everyone else sees - some girl that's cute, but looks kinda like a little kid...  anyway, here's some pictures.

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ashley said...

you're like a part-time model