05 February 2011

Truett's Diner/Chick-fil-A

We partied in McDonough today - threw a football for15% off at Home Depot, had to stop at Best Buy and hit the Super Target for curtains and also came home with Dr. Pepper (on an incredible sale) and this console for our sitting room.

For lunch before heading home we spotted this and figured we check it out. 

I think it's so neat and wanted to share it with everyone.  Inside there's a trolly that runs around the top of the room and there are pictures from different cities in the US and there's a Market Street trolly car that you can eat in too. 

I embarrased Bryce by taking these so I have to post them now...they're not even good pictures.  And don't really show the cool aspect of it all. 

Sorry for the embarrassment, Bryce.  It was so not worth it.

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The Millers said...

I want to go. Will you take me next time we come to GA?