05 February 2011

Parisian Cafe

The sketches are in Bryce's office

We had some prints from our trip to Paris framed and I had to hang them up. 

I decided now was the time to do some curtains in the kitchen, so I went through some fabric from my sewing queen grandma and found this fun yellow stripe material -which is the same except for color - as the valance in the adjacent TV room.



I sewed them this afternoon and Bryce helped me hang them.  I'm glad they're up and done.  Now I just need to decide what to do for the length ofthe curtains...or do an actual cafe curtain across the window... You tell me.


Keri said...

I vote long.

The Millers said...

I like them long or short. :) I think I like the short better, but you are better at that than I.

Liz said...


Jenifer said...

Long! Love the curtains! Yeah, Grandma!

Jenifer said...

I forgot to comment on your prints. So cool! I really missed out on a cool trip. Dang!