25 October 2008

Final Blowout

Thank you Debra and Liz - it wouldn't have been half as good without your help! The pictures are of the spread, one game I like to call "Mommy and baby" and the decorations we did in the Relief Society Room. It turned out cute. Shout out to Taryn for the clothesline idea. The baby is super cute - she was 5 weeks early. 4 lb 14 oz if I'm not mistaken. She hit 6 lbs today. Her little burpy cloth thing was cute so I took some pictures.

21 October 2008

One Down...

I got to give Michelle at work a baby shower. yeah! I posted the Halloween inspired invites earlier. Everything came down to today. I think it was a success! Here are a few pictures of the cute notes we put on the table with the food. I had my pumpkins and mummy on display and we had black, white, and orange balloons adorning the food and present tables. We had orange and black eating utensils and paper products as well. I made a diaper cake for Michelle's present and to do double duty as decoration. Here are the pictures. We used little socks for the rosettes (flower wanna be's) and some ribbon. The blanket we stuffed down the center of the cake so it wasn't too long and then stuck the bear on for a little extra something. I think it turned out cute. We've got another one at the next baby shower for a girl. I'll post some pictures. People told me they had fun at this shower and were all impressed with the decorations and execution. That's good. :) Julie and I put some effort into this. :)

18 October 2008

High of 67

I love Fall. Let me type that again. I love Fall, Autmn, the chilly temps. Today was our first day out of the 70's. The high was supposed to be 67 I think really it did end up being a little warmer than that. Being out in the fall weather made me really want to decorate the house. I too have pulled the boxes out of attic and closet and rearranged some things and added leaves and berries to other things. I have the Boo ghosts out as well - of course! The pumpkin things I've got sitting out are actually for the baby shower but will take up residence on my coffee table for now. I've got a little bit of holiday spirit in each part of the house downstairs - good start for me.

Virtual meets Realtiy

Today was an interesting day for me. I woke up ready to go hiking with the scouts and realized I wasn't sure which trail head we were meeting at. I called one of the den leaders and she assured me the scout hike was not today, but next Saturday. Today was also the enrichment activity for the month which I signed up for and then cancelled on b/c of the (nonexistent) scout hike. So, I decided I better go to enrichment. One of the projects I had signed up for was decorating the mat for Family: A proclomation to the world and I needed pictures for it. I hadn't gotten any ready b/c I thought I was hiking this morning. So, I grabbed some pictures I had of Bryce and I when we were younger and then the first few dates we went on and headed to Wal-Mart, just up the road from the church building. Long story short I ended up having to scan 20 pictures twice and then when they printed the lady told me I couldn't have my sheets of prints b/c there was a picture of Bryce when he was 10 and it was a studio picture-copyrights. She said she couldn't just cut the picture out of the sheets and would have to take the whole sheet of prints and that I could rescan my pictures again if I wanted to. Well I didn't want to and after talking with her about how silly it is I told her I didn't want the prints and left. I just was not up to and I was frustrated. So I have a proclomation and blank mat. Maybe I'll draw stick figures and make up my own pictures of us at the beach, surfing, climbing mountains, parachuting... I did make a mummy candy holder though. Super easy. Pictures are coming. Bryce and I got out of the house today to go to Target and Best Buy for some baby shower things and for a new headset for Bryce. Don't ask. I logged our exciting day with pictures.
Look closely, they had the sea captain guy from Pirates of the Caribbean buckled in their front passenger seat. Sweet.
A sign at Best Buy that made me think of Mom. I love you Mom.
I snuck one of Bryce eyeing the goods. He doesn't know about this photo yet. :)

Follow up on the new 'do

The picture is sort of blurry. I'm taking it of myself b/c Bryce was already at church for meetings. I got told it was very cute by several people, so I guess that's good. One girl from primary noticed as well. She was shocked that I had cut all my hair off and then stated that she could see my hair had not adjusted to the cut yet...I guess because it was going everywhere. :)

11 October 2008

A Hairy Situation (Bryce's contribution to this blog is the title. He would like everyone to know he helped.)

Well, I decided last night at 11 o'clock that it was time and I was going to chop my hair off! I got my appointment at Flaunt this morning and I must say I was surprised at how nervous I was to get it cut off. I blame it on the one really bad, short haircut I received my senior year of high school. I took some pictures out of magazines to help her. There it is - proof- 9 inches of proof. It's kind of weird to see your hair like that in front of you. It's different than it being on the floor in piles. I think it's quite the change and I love it! I may just maintain this style for a while instead of letting it grow again in my continual cycle. Here's a side shot also. I think I'm going to try and wear it slighty wavy/curly to church tomorrow. If it's cute I will post. :)

Stephanie, who cut my hair, thinned it a whole lot and said she was sure I wouldn't miss it. :) It's layered and slightly stacked. I have textured bangs again and best of all -- Bryce says I'm hot still :)

I think I need some new shoes and clothes to go with this new hair....

10 October 2008

Numero Dos

The baby shower is also in October but is not Halloween themed. The pictures make the invites look large, but they're just little pass outs or reminders - not large invites. This is pretty much all that I've been up to.

05 October 2008

Lil' Pumpkin Baby Shower

Three girls at work are pregnant and due within weeks of each other. The first one is having their baby shower the end of October so we decided to do a take off Halloween for her shower's theme. Good thing she loves Halloween :)
I tried and tried to find party invites that didn't say Happy Halloween on them and didn't have a skull and crossbones on it. Apparently, there's not a big demand for that kind of invite or for Halloween Stationary. :) I put these together to hand out. I had to start doing the wrapped thread since I ran out of the ribbon. I bought the 4 rolls they had left at Hobby Lobby, but it wasn't quite enough. Just thought I'd share my weenend project with you. I've made 25 of these so far. I've got to count again and make sure it's enough.