18 October 2008

Virtual meets Realtiy

Today was an interesting day for me. I woke up ready to go hiking with the scouts and realized I wasn't sure which trail head we were meeting at. I called one of the den leaders and she assured me the scout hike was not today, but next Saturday. Today was also the enrichment activity for the month which I signed up for and then cancelled on b/c of the (nonexistent) scout hike. So, I decided I better go to enrichment. One of the projects I had signed up for was decorating the mat for Family: A proclomation to the world and I needed pictures for it. I hadn't gotten any ready b/c I thought I was hiking this morning. So, I grabbed some pictures I had of Bryce and I when we were younger and then the first few dates we went on and headed to Wal-Mart, just up the road from the church building. Long story short I ended up having to scan 20 pictures twice and then when they printed the lady told me I couldn't have my sheets of prints b/c there was a picture of Bryce when he was 10 and it was a studio picture-copyrights. She said she couldn't just cut the picture out of the sheets and would have to take the whole sheet of prints and that I could rescan my pictures again if I wanted to. Well I didn't want to and after talking with her about how silly it is I told her I didn't want the prints and left. I just was not up to and I was frustrated. So I have a proclomation and blank mat. Maybe I'll draw stick figures and make up my own pictures of us at the beach, surfing, climbing mountains, parachuting... I did make a mummy candy holder though. Super easy. Pictures are coming. Bryce and I got out of the house today to go to Target and Best Buy for some baby shower things and for a new headset for Bryce. Don't ask. I logged our exciting day with pictures.
Look closely, they had the sea captain guy from Pirates of the Caribbean buckled in their front passenger seat. Sweet.
A sign at Best Buy that made me think of Mom. I love you Mom.
I snuck one of Bryce eyeing the goods. He doesn't know about this photo yet. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this entry come to fruition, but I'm disappointed to see nary a reference to the inspiration for it; a "shout-out," if you will. A headset picture would have been a nice touch, too. Still -- let it not be I who would complain about a favor both requested and delivered! It was an enjoyable read.

p.s. Someone needs to teach Bryce about proper dress. I can't believe you let him out of the house like that!