25 January 2009

Fun with Jamba

Jamba always finds something to make us think once again that we are lucky we got her for our pet instead of another sad, homeless kitten. She loves to knock things off counters, cell phones, tupperware, papers...don't leave them on the counter. It's the same thing with the garbage disposal. If you put something in or near the sink she will put it down the garbage disposal, but only after playing with it. :) Here's an example with some ice I threw in the sink to melt there instead of on the floor. The good stuff's toward the middle when she gets fast. This will ususally go on for a while and then once the item is down the garbage disposal she sits at the edge of the sink and just stares. Literally for an hour or more, she will sit looking down the sink. She also tried to stow away to Utah with us, but I caught her trying to hide in Bryce's carry on. I apologize again for the crazy eyes...cats are not made for flash photography.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh your cat is so adorable. i actually hate cats, but i think i like yours.

also, i took your advice from facebook... go check out my new blog: mrandmrshorton.blogspot.com