07 September 2010


I like creative people and people who go above and beyond the call of duty.  I like people who make me chuckle and say, "Is this for real?" out loud with a smile on my face.  Netflix has done this and I say thank you to their creative and extra mile going employees.  Think back in time and remember walking into the movie store and you generally had basic genres to choose between.  You choose between Action/Adventure, Anime/Animation, Comedy, Classics, Drama, Foreign, Special Interest, Independent, Horror...you get the idea.   Netflix has taken the art of categorizing to the next level.  I guess they want to make sure you fully understand just what type of Drama or Comedy you're going to find.  I went on to use the Instant Play on our TV and was confronted with these options: Understated Indpendent Dramas, Gritty Suspensful Action and Adventure, Visually Striking Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Goofy Comedies.  Which would you choose?  What movie would you list under these extra descriptive categories?

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