27 January 2011

Dragon Fruit

Bryce buys these every once in a while from the Super H Mart by his work. Asian food and imported foreign things.  He told me he found the best way to eat it: cut it in quarters and then peel the skin back.  He says, "like a banana."  I think more like an orange. :)  Textures is kind of like a pear or kiwi - it has the little seed textures in it so I go more with the Kiwi.  If you get one that's sweet they're pretty good - but otherwise just kind of bland... 

But they look really cool!

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ashley said...

super H mart is the best! that's where my parents would always go to buy japanese food. and whenevs they're down in ga they still stock up there and drive it back up to ny! haha! try their nikuman (steamed pork dumplings) there. SO GOOD! asian foods the best