15 December 2010

Bombay Mahogany

Exotic right?  Well it matches the brick on the front of our house perfectly.

I bought the wood stain for a bamboo pole I've been drying in our garage for the past 2 years - I'm guesstimating here.  It didn't take that long to dry out, but I left it sitting because I wasn't ready to move on with it.   I finally took a Saturday and while the weather was decent outside I stained the pole.  It's a pretty dark brown with lots of red.  It's glossy so the bamboo pole is now very svelte looking in its new shiny lacquer.  I bought a very small can of the wood stain and still had lots left after the 2 1/2 coats I did.  The pole will be hung in the guest bedroom as the curtain rod.  I have two beautiful silk panels I'm excited to hang from it. 

This month as we got Christmas decorations down I pulled out two small trees in pots and decided it was time to do something about the raw, matte, white pots.  Now they are Bombay Mahongany (keep in mind this was a wood stain I put on some type of ceramic) and it worked out pretty well I think.  They are pre lit and sit outside on either side of our front door with ribbons swagged around them.  Bryce's first comment.  "Hey, they match the brick exactly."  Translation: he approves because they don't stand out. :)   The trees come off a bit more traditional now, but I wasn't really feeling the white.  I guess a glossy black would be the other choice for me.

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Liz said...

Love it!! Why don't you come over here and share some of your crafty brilliance!!!!!