14 December 2010

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down

Same with Awzker.  He's getting super fat.  He's shaped like a bowling pin, but a really fat bowling pin.  He's a funny cat anyway because he has belly flab that just hangs down and swings while he prances around.  He eats a lot and it shows. :)  He also really enjoys sleeping on his back and sitting up, crouching like a cricket, and cuddling.  I don't think he's really a cat.  We bought the two cats some toys on a rope so you can mess with them.  Awzker would just hold on and you could roll him around - so it made us think of the weeble wobbles...I tried to recreate it today by myself (of course it doesn't work out the same and videos take too long to upload.)  So here are some stills.  **Awzker is not even a year old and he weighs 11 pounds.  Jamba, is almost 2 and she weighs 8 lbs.**

Whachu doin?  Nothing chillin at the Holidae In

Awzker the cricket.  This is how he eats as well.
Remember how little he was when we got him?

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