14 December 2010

Just Jukin'

Bryce and I had the opportunity to go to Paris, post to come, in October and while there happened upon the Paris Auto show!  Super exciting, I know.  But it is a pretty good coincidence because it's held every other year.  This is where we found our true souvenir and my Christmas present.  At least Bryce keeps telling me that's what it is. :)  We didn't order it while we were there, but we did look at one and I even got to sit in it!

It's higher up than my tC was, has 4 doors which has been nice and is AWD so I can drive through fields and up mountains a bit easier.  Plus, you may not believe this, but someday...Someday....we might have kids. :)  So, we went for the leather seats for clean up ease.

The Juke has a turbo, torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, booty roasters, rear windshild wiper, and front and rear defrosters. :)  Ok, so I don't know what to tell you about it, but it's cool and I like it a lot.  Here are some more pictures from it in the US of A.

 Bryce's pride and joy:  You press the "Climate" button and it shows you the climate controls.
 You press the "D-Mode" button and it shows you your options..sport, normal, eco, etc... The car has a CVT which comes in all newer Nissan.  You can't feel the shifting in it (we got an automatice because Bryce said I don't need any other distractions while I drive) on sport mode, they put in fake shifting.

The rest of the story... Bryce and I were pretty picky with our list of wants on this car: spoiler, gun metallic paint, SL trim, and AWD.  Apparently these are hot items.  We called about a couple in North Carolina, one in West Viriginia, and Kentucky.  They had all just been sold when we asked about them and we found one more in Virginia, just outside of DC.  We called, ask them to hold it and said we'd be up there that weekend to pick it up.  We sold my car to CarMax and went a couple days as a one-car family.  Flew up to the Dulles airport, Thanks Delta!, and drove 10 hours home.  We did get to have a fun night with Tanya, James, Taja-Maya and TomCat.  Thanks guys we couldn't have done it without you!

The Juke.

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