22 December 2010


A while back we had these tress expertly painted by my parents in our sitting room adjoining the bedroom.  Then, while in Arizona for Thanksgiving, I experienced Z Gallerie for the first time. I quite enjoyed it.  I think I need some fake animal heads on my wall now. 

Here is my room.

We need a cute table/shelf to put right under the TV so the receivers and HTPC stuff aren't on the floor.
We need a coffee table of sorts as well...maybe a loveseat to go under the window instead of chairs in the corners...

The chairs a actually quite comfy once you get balanced...j/k

And here is my inspiration.

The two above are from Z Gallerie. I'm starting a collection jar.

Cardboard Taxidermy from Urban Outfitters.  I just thought it was clever.

Also found some DIY inspiration at Anthropologie.

These were really neat.  Maybe I could go Safari in my room and use and elephant and rhino head.  They look like all you need is a plaster, chicken wire, or paper mache base and then cover it with newspaper or book pages. The zebra's stripes are just painted on. 

1 comment:

Liz said...

awesome! Or you could just get Greg to get you some real life, or dead I guess, animal heads from one of his trapping excursions :D

Let me know if you ever want help making some fake animal heads, I think it sounds fun!!!