22 December 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ok, so we actually warmed up to 60 today (finally my toes could thaw out from the last week of 30s), but with Christmas only 2 days away I wanted to pretend.

If you are somewhere where it's miserably cold outside - and I hate it for ya - start a sweat with Blair's Death Rain potato chips or Dave's Gourmet hot sauces!  With names like Satan Blood and Da' Bomb you can't go wrong.

Bryce ordered a couple different things and gave it as gifts to his lunch buddies, who have numerous stories of sweating and crying from coating things in hot sauce.  Of course they loved it :)  And I loved it because I got to taste what was left.  I got some laughs in between tears and heavy breathing (I'll admit to scraping my tongue after the hot sauce).

What I was really impressed with was the flavor of everything.  The flavor was exsistent and enjoyable so it wasn't just hot to be hot...there was a point to eating it still. :) I don't appreciate the Ghost Pepper hot sauce flavor so that's a never again on that flavor.

My favorites?  The Chipotle potato chips (Medium hotness and given 2 flames on the hot scale) and my runner up was Habanero potato chips. (4 flames on the hot scale and labeled as XXX HOT)

My favorite and my least favorite waiting to eaten.

In last place were the Buffalo and Cheddar was just a step better. (Both have 2 flames on the hot scale)

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