18 September 2008

Go Blue Knight!

We're still high from the time traveling. :)
Happy 2 year anniversary (August 19th) to us!!! We took the opportunity to experience the Medieval Times first hand. It was actually pretty cool. You're assigned a crown color as you go in and that color is the knight you cheer for. Go Blue Knight! He lost. The whole place is very well done to take you back in time. The people dress and talk like the history books tell us they would've. Their bathrooms were neat too - I love it when places work bathrooms into their themes! They had a really neat falcon that did its flying tricks and then the food comes and the knights do jousting games and then as the story unravels they joust each other in a competition to the death. Intense. We were lucky enough to take Lindsey and Dylan, a niece and nephew, with us since they gave us a free child's meal/admission with each paid adult. Fun was had, time was traveled, memories were made. :) cue pictures...

I look elvin in this picture...it's pretty bad of both of us, but at least we weren't trying to look hot.

Dylan was into the show and his food! He ate most of it which is a good amount and even ate Lindsey's dessert. They start you out with a vegetable broth soup and garlic bread. Then they bring you half of a baked potato w/ seasonings on it, a full chicken and a rib on the side. You had your choice of pepsi, tea, or water. You situated your cup so you handle stuck out a certain way so they knew what drink to give you. Pretty smart. You eat with your hands. They did print the menu on a small napkin and brought around wet naps after all the courses. I mean this is 2008 people, not the 15th century.

Lindsey got tossed the flower from our knight. It had some title to go with it, but I can't remember.

As a side not you can pay a little more and get front row seat, a sweet plastic banner in the color of your knight to wave, and they will do a knighting ceremony with you before. They'll also announce your presence if you submit an anniversary, birthday, or some other event you want people to know about... I'm glad we went, I'm not sure we'd take the opportunity to go any other time. It was fun.

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