17 May 2008

A New Beginning

Hello! Welcome to the official launching of this, our family blog. Our siblings are raising the bar with your blogs, so we are joining the blogging ranks. Maybe this will help us stay up to date on everyone and everything. We have no cute children to post pictures of (meaning that we have no children, period. Not that we have children and they're not cute. Our children will be adorabe!). We have very routine weeks, and we have little else to say. I hope I can find something to write; I hope you find something worth your time to read. Feedback is welcome. Please, no "Get a life" statements. :) We had the Wrights over for dinner tonight. They're a young couple from church - perhaps the only other couple in our age range without children. There's something in the water here... We haven't done much on the house since we last sent out mass emails of pictures earlier this year. I still have pictures to frame and hang, more curtains are needed, and lots of the painting is still in limbo. I will post some pictures just for fun (at the very least, it will add some visual interest to this post) and I pledge now to post pictures in the future of any updates or outings.

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Anonymous said...

Right...no cute children until I have a cute engagement ring!