05 May 2012

Thus far

I've been sitting for the last 4 hours at my first yard sale. First that I've taken part in as an adult and that I remember.

Luckily, the weather's been perfect. Our driveway is still partially shaded and the gentle breeze is wonderful. I've been listening to birds chirp as they chase each other and I've watched the yellow balloon tangle and untangle itself from around our mailbox as it is slowly deflating from the sun. The sky is a beautiful blue (made possible by low humidity) and the field of yellow wild flowers (weeds) across the street gives you something to stare off into.

I've waved, smiled, and said hello to many a passing car and driver as they slow down to survey the treasures I rounded up last night (and just so happen to neatly fit on one folding table).

I've only had 3 people get out of their cars and walk up. One woman commented that I had good things, but she was looking for baby items. Yup, not gonna find that at my table. She seemed certain that I would be able to sell my things, but still 4 hours later, here I sit withnot a thing gone :).

I have enjoyed the morning though. It's kind of nice to just sit outside with your thoughts (or mindless Internet surfing and blog reading). I don't get to do that so much -especially during the work week. Dash is out here chilling with me because I made him. If he has (been blessed?)Bryce's personality, he's hating me right now and that's why he's been punching and kicking so much this morning. I've been playing it off like he really just wants to be outside my belly to enjoy this beautiful weather and play with us.

2 more hours to go and everything will be driven to Goodwill and donated. This yard sale helped me clear out a few things and get them out of the house instead of out of hiding and then placed on the floor in a meaningless pile. So, i will not allow them to go back in. That's another positive out of this. Maybe Bryce will make me Mac n cheese for lunch and bring it to me. That would make 3 positives and it hasn't cost me a thing. It hasn't earned me anything either...

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