28 April 2012

Nursery Project: "Barn Door"

At 5 months pregnant I'm not as much help.  Today was proof of that.  Bryce had a day full of heavy lifting (taking apart things, carrying the pieces downstairs to load them, loading them, unloading them) and finished it off with some building.

We borrowed a truck to move all the weight equipment out of the room and closet, so while we had it we went ahead and bought the lumber for a sliding closet door - barn door style.

Since we now had the lumber and still time left in the day we went ahead and built the door. :)  Nothing's more fun than doing all this on a hot day.  I was sweating just doing the supporting and encouraging, holding, and what little light lifting there was. :)

We tried to pick the wood with coloration and neat grain or knots.  There are no nail holes on the front of this door - so if you think that's what you're seeing well, you're wrong.

We like the handle we picked out - we're debating on the t-bar braces. kind of like them...

Next step is the staining.  Of course the stickers have been removed and the edges of the boards were sanded down to be more rounded to appear a bit more worn.  

Also, while we were out I was able to pick a few deer antlers - for free!  So excited for them.  So here's a sneak peak in a shaky phone picture.  The cats would not stop sniffing them.  Even after I put them away they were still checking out the floor where they had been.


Unknown said...

I vote go for the braces. That looks great!

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Awesome! What a fun project. I can't wait to see the progress you've made in a couple weeks.

Alyssa said...

Congratulations!!! Looks llike lots of fun.

Jenifer said...

The door is awesome and the antlers will be great above the dresser!!