07 April 2012

I traded my chocolate bunny for a chocolate bathroom.

That's right, no candies in my Easter basket tonight.  I spent today, with Bryce's help, transforming our upstairs bathroom from builder basic to 'a little more fun' basic.  I feel like bathrooms are fun to do bolder colors or patterns in because they're small and you don't live in them (you know what I mean) so you don't get tired of it as quickly.

I have to eat and go to bed though, so check back for some pictures tomorrow!  Of course it needs touch up and the shower curtain, but that will be another day.

I learned a few things from this particular bathroom project:
1. Bryce doesn't particularly like brown
2. Brown is a hard color to pick out - so many color/undertone variations
3. Brown, like all other dark colors I'm sure, definitely needs 2 coats
4. I buy a quart of paint for these small projects and it freaks me out every time.  It some how is always enough though.  And I use it all.
5. Most of the time, just go with your gut and what you like.  It turns out fine in the end.
6. Bryce doesn't like round or oval mirrors (round slightly less than oval) because he likes to see a larger picture and doesn't think you can get that with a circle.  I would've loved to have one large porthole circle mirror, but this was our compromise and I bought it on sale at k-holes and used online 20% off code and free shipping.


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Grant and Taryn Layton said...

It is now 2 days later and I still don't see a picture...I want to see! :)