19 May 2012

The beginning

Here're some pictures from the beginning of this journey for us.  My 'bump progression' pictures that we only took on two occasions and the bit off mess the room started out as.  Basically, here's the unloading I did from my phone and camera. :)

14 weeks pregnant - starting 2nd trimester

This is kind of how I felt...I remember thinking I had a big belly.  It was really just like I'd had a big lunch or like I was the party girl with the beer belly and I was missing my flat stomach.  Kind of funny how busting some pre-pregnancy pants can really put things in perspective and you realize that what you thought was big, was not big, and what you think big is now, probably still isn't. 

Here I am again at 18 weeks pregnant.  Notice I've started to gather paint colors and furniture behind me.

 A week later at 19 weeks pregnant...I don't know why we took these pictures, but it captures a part of my daily life.  

My pants are always unzipped.  I realized it a couple shots in this time. 

 So who knows how long I'd been walking around work with my fly down.  I do this ALL THE TIME.  I know sometimes I get lazy, but seriously.  I think the problems gotten worse since pregnant and I'm having to jimmy-rig my pants so the zippers are only half zipped to begin with.  Makes it easier for them to end up unzipped I guess.  At least, that's how I'm explaining it.  Blame it on the pregnancy and just laugh about it.

I really don't have much a belly in these pictures and I think it was about 20 weeks when my belly actually 'popped' and went from looking like a gut to an actual, believable baby bump.  Here's a picture from that Sunday.  Yes, my mirror's dirty, it's not your monitor or your eyes.

 Pictures from the beginning of my nursery looking and planning.  I took a trip to Ikea and found most of what I wanted (we did not end up getting the dresser, but I guess it's still an option)  We did not know the gender of the baby at this point so I was keeping it mostly gender neutral.  I also knew I wanted something not really baby or too themed.  I wanted something that could transition easily and something I would enjoy being in at 3:00 am for feedings.  I like the idea of a cabin like feel with old wood, skin rugs and antlers.  The colors I leaned toward were a golden yellow, kelly green, and if it's a girl throw in the pale blush colors, and if it's a boy, throw in a red/orange - for a more southwestern feel.  I wanted a southwestern print rug and I wanted to replace the closet door with a sliding 'barn door.'

MUST HAVE THIS RUG.  Quick, make Ikea employee check when more will be in and make sure Bryce and I get one!  I was so excited I couldn't even take a focused picture.

Thought this would make a cute dirty clothes hamper.  Maybe in the bright Kelly Green color?  Get a European sham pillow case and put a drawstring in it for the liner?
 fun storage ideas and a color that's in my nursery inspiration.  Must.add.something.this.color.

I like the idea of a cable system to display birth announcements or whatever, until the kid is drawing and can hang their own creations in its room.

Found these at Target and thought they'd be cute if it's a girl for a more vintage feel.

I've seen some nice things done with these...thought about mixing some in above the dress or crib.

Like the idea of a cool glass lamp shade - trying to think if there was something fun I could put inside it.  I also like the yellow base beside it.  Another color being used.

Then I had to get serious on the wall color and color schemed of the nursery so I could narrow my searches and control my running thoughts and ideas.

 I thought I'd be using a Home Depot card to buy the paint so that's why I'm looking at Behr colors.  Ended up not using the Depot card so I had Benjamin Moore match the winning Behr color.  They did  a wonderful job too  - I love the wall color.  Thanks Jen and Bryce for the input and final decision.  Wall color winner is the middle bottom gray, Dolphin Fin.

The one on the left was a little on the green side and was a close runner up - kind of made it a little more woodsy and traditional than contemporary or industrial.    I was afraid the one on the bottom right would be too dark for the small room with little lighting.

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