19 May 2012

Nursery Project: Crib sheets (and a revealing)

While my dear mother (and father, and brother and sister) was in town for Mother's Day weekend, I starting thinking about what color crib sheet I wanted or what design, but I didn't want to pay much for them.  The kid just sleeps on them after all.  And then they'll get exploded on.

I remembered that I had the fitted queen sheets from the sheet set I made my downstairs curtains out of years ago and thought maybe if I knew how to make a fitted sheet I could use those to make my crib sheets - for free. :)  I also found my old dorm sheet I used for 1 year that's baby blue t-shirt kind of sheet.  My mother, the sewer, of course knew how to do this and so we cut them out and she sewed up 2 to show me.  That left me with 3 to finish sometime.  I did it today.  I sewed all three and they all fit and look great!  I'm really excited about them and I was pretty pumped this morning with their completion.  So much so, that I told Dash how awesome his mom was - and that it was no wonder he chose our family to come to.  It was an achievement for me and they were free!  I'm feeling pretty good about things today...

The chocolate circles remind me of Dwell Studio stuff and I love the silkiness of the gray fabric.  These are some posh crib sheets.

We measured the size of the mattress- I grabbed the dimensions from Ikea's website - and added 2 inches to each of the 4 sides so the sheet would reach around to the bottom.  We cut a square out of each corner (whatever the depth was including the 2 inches) and then french seamed the corners together.  Put elastic in the corners and then hemed all the way around.  Really not that bad.

What's your favorite?

We can't get enough of this barn door so I keep showing it off. :)

The copper pig is Bryce's from childhood, the silver crab you can barely see is Bryce's from his Grandfather Long who was stationed in Sicily during WWII.  It's engraved Sicily 1944.  We love the wooden train.  I need to get some baskets and bins and books to fill the shelves now. :)

I really wish I would've taken pictures of the room's clutter, then cleared out, then empty with the walls painted, and then with the things going in it slowly so you could see the amazing difference.  But maybe it's good I didn't, because you don't really want to see all that.  You want to see the finished product!  It's not finished yet, but here's what you get right now.  Oh, the random bag on the floor is the diaper bag I purchased the other day.

Next on the project list:
barn door
wall o shelves
crib sheets
find a dresser
mount and hang antlers
window treatment
put shelves and rods in closet
stenciled pillow
figure out what to do with the small navajo rug that's thrown on the back of the chair


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

The polka dots are definitely the winner in my book...it looks like they came with the room ;) Glad we could be a part of it all (even though I didn't do anything, just sat back and watched). It looks awesome!

Judy Huntzinger said...

This is a great room! Really love the barn door. Definitely the polka dots but all are wonderful. Good for YOU!

Jenifer said...

Who new sheets were so easy?! What a fun, free project. The brown one that Missy sent you will fit right in the mix. Love your door! :)