05 June 2012

Nursery Project: Ikea RAST Hack

I've been stuck on finding a dresser for Dash.  I really didn't want to spend much - definitely not over $150 and the cheaper the better.  I looked at flea market and antique stores, and yard sales and couldn't find anything with the modern lines and still in good working condition, but still enough of a fixer upper that its base price is cheap.  To add to my impossible list of wants, I wanted more than 3 drawers and a lower chest rather than a tall skinny one since I plan to put my antlers above it.

The room has seemed a little incomplete without  a dresser and maybe a little bland.

I found the solution to both of these problems.

Another wonderful DIY that Bryce couldn't wait to be a part of.  :)  He always puts more work into them then he expects, or than I lead him on to expect.  But they turn out soo good!  He's wonderful.

Here were some of my inspiration DIY dressers I've been saving:

Then on a recent search I found the inexpensive RAST dresser at Ikea and thought maybe I could find some DIYs on that...jack pot!  Here are some of the DIYs using only the RAST dresser.



fabric covered drawers



hand painted/stencil

filing cabinet-esque

loved the wood grain and cream on this one

really fun with the handle cut outs and modern take on wood grain.  So fun for a kid's room.

version done with the numbers on the drawers (maybe the kid's birthday?)...Bryce vetoed any numbers

 well done with them side to side

This one really struck a chord because of its multi use...so I used this as my starting point.

 I decided the RAST was the way to go so we made a quick game plan and went to Ikea.

The process: 
Stain the outside wood pieces and paint the drawer fronts a cream.  Our original thought was cream with wood and the cream would be high gloss.  This to Bryce means smooth I guess...we learned that the wood grain texture will come through several layers of paint unless you want to sand it all down and do some serious prep to the surface.  We did not...so we threw the cream idea out the window and decided since it wasn't going to meet Bryce's expectations or vision in his head that way to do something totally different.  A color!  We chose a green that matches the Ikea boxes I loved in my preliminary planning.

Assemble the dressers, screw the long board across the top to make the bones for our final piece.
(we cut out faux feet from the little support apron that runs across the front under the drawers.  I just didn't like the full apron to the floor look.  Guess I'm a leg girl.)
 bottom shelf is installed - we're still deciding if we want a second shelf, a wire basket instead of a shelf, or nothing else if we're putting something tall on the shelf.

Our Before:

Our After:

 We love this because the height will be perfect for a toddler desk.  Once Dash is old enough we'll remove any shelves from the middle and then buy a chair and he'll have a desk and dresser all in one.  Pretty sweet we think.  It looks so good in person.  We decided we couldn't have all the drawers plain green (which probably would be fine) so we again changed direction in the middle of doing the work and held a 30 second pow-wow throwing out ideas.   Paint a pattern on some of them, or leave one or two cream, or let's put a stripe.  Bryce liked the (racing) stripe idea and taped those off for me.  Looks really good.  Can I say that again?!  We really like it and for about $125 and some manual labor, we think it's worth it.

As we were finishing cleaning up the room I saw the laundry basket I bought and thought, maybe a regular size pillowcase would work as a liner for it...wait, I have pillowcases left from the same sheet sets I made my crib sheets from.  I love the grey with the stripes so I ran (as much of a run as I could do with this growing belly) and got them.  One wasn't wide enough so I stuck them both in there thinking I could cut and sew them together to make it wide enough and realized I could make a laundry-separating liner so I don't have to separate the vomit and poo covered clothes.  Touch them once to put in the laundry basket, and not have to touch them again.

A brilliant flash of genius:

 The colors together match the border on the rug.  I jut need to actually sew the tops together and maybe put a stiffening material between.  Pretty cool idea huh?!

Still to go on the project list:
barn door
wall o shelves
crib sheets
find a dresser
mount and hang antlers
window treatment
put shelves and rods in closet
stenciled pillow
figure out what to do with the small navajo rug that's thrown on the back of the chair

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Jenifer said...

Great projects. I love the legs you cut out on the apron of the dresser. Great touch. Clever on the double bag inside the hamper. It's really coming together!